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Pilot 6th Form Scholarship

hi all,

first post here so please bear with! I'm off to the careers office this week to ask about the 6th form scholarships the navy has to offer. what i wanted to ask you all is this -

how many scholarships are on offer each year?
whats the selection process for getting accepted?
are you gauranteed your chosen branch upon getting accepted?
any tips for the AIB or any stage of the process
if anyone's got a scholarship or is serving/has served as a FAA Pilot, anything you can add is greatly appreciated.
any thoughts on any A-levels to take?



War Hero
Hi, welcome.

There are probably around 10-20 scholarships each year, covering all roles. That means for potential pilot, a couple each year, ish. It varies each year.

The application process for Royal Navy Pilot and Royal Navy Pilot Scholar is pretty much the same, but the GCSE results come under closer scrutiny. You need to be pretty good at mental arithmetic, incidentally.

The selection process is outlined in BR3 Chapter 10: navy responsive/documents/reference library/br 3/br3book/ch10.pdf

The scholarship/reserved place scheme is outlined here: navy responsive/documents/reference library/br 3/br3book/ch15.pdf

With regard subjects to choose at A Level, the tip is to choose subjects you enjoy. The role does not require vocational qualifications.

@Pontius is a former fixed wing pilot who may have a few generic pearls of wisdom to offer (once he finishes sulking about not staying-in long enough to drive an F-35).

Good luck.


Alright mate, think I might be able to be of some help here! I've been lucky enough to have been successful for the 6th form scholarship this year, more specifically for Pilot (with a start date of September 2016 provided I get the A-Levels). I'm currently in the middle of writing a post about the Scholarship since the RN website is a bit bare on the details but I'll do what I can to address your questions now.

How many?: Short answer, not many! Single digit figures roughly.

Selection: The process is the EXACT same as if you where applying normally, including the same FAT test scores and expected performance at the AIB. The only difference is that when it comes to the AIB, you'll be pooled with other Scholarship applicants, so all will be around the same age. Again, my post will go into a little more detail.

Not going to try and give my opinion on the flying side clearly, but if it helps I took:
Bilogy, Physics, English Literature and History (Year 12)
Biology, Eng Lit, History (Year 13) Predicted AAA

Make the most of the guys on here and your ACLO, their advice and guidance is invaluable!

Good Luck!
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