Pigeon info please

Does anyone know what the initials M.E.P.S. stand for in relation to the wartime pigeon service? They are listed as a breeder of some of the carrier pigeons used in WW2 but I can't find out what it stands for.

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Passed-over_Loggie said:
Totally irrelevant to the question but, for a while, my office was in the Pigeon Loft in Scott Road (North side of No 18 Store). All pulled down long ago, though.
An interesting history of RNB Devonport is available via this link. It contains the following passage:

... Prior to this in 1894 there had been a loft installed in the barracks for housing sixty homing pigeons. Fifty two birds were recruited for intense training, first off the end of the pier, then out in the harbour and finally from torpedo boats out in the Channel. The French Navy tried similar experiments but the system proved unreliable; too many birds were lost in fog and bad weather.

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