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War Hero
Following on from the thread below about tatoos, what about piercings? Quite a few matelots seem to be sporting them now.

I remember we were all asked on our BSSC if we had any before we did the firefighting. Heat being conducted in sensitive places - ouch!

Also, I recall BR80 has something to say about piercings, ie. not allowed.

(I bet that Jenny Dabber's got a few interesting ones mind... :wink: )
Tongue pierced and not it doesn't melt or do anything in the firefighting units!

Ears peirced, normal plac though. Did have my belly button pierced and I did have a 'below' region pierced but got rid of it.
I cannot understand what drives people to stick bolts and pins through their Tongues,nipples and other warm squidgy bits.Most weird occupation.
spearfish said:
Just read JDs post,why am i not surprised!I bet she has a tattoo or three.

2, one above my right ankle and one on my right shoulder blade :wink:
I'm with andy on this one, already got enough holes don't need or want any more :D :D although quite tempted with the old tattoo idea not sure what of though......any ideas people?
jesse650 said:
yeah dolphins are soooo girly......stand by for incoming!! :D :D :twisted:

Don't jump to conclusions, Jesse!
Some researchers have reason to believe that dolphins may (and I stress MAY) be the only animal (other than man) that kills just for the hell of it.
One of the pieces of evidence is an incredible videotape of a group of bottle-nosed dolphins attacking and killing a much smaller harbour porpoise by ramming it and head butting it out of the water.
It wasn't a threat, nor competition, they just killed it and went on their way.

I've got a blue and red hummin gbird on my right shoulder blade, my cousin was a para killed in the 1st gulf war. His nick name was 'humming bird', I really don't want to know wither lol

Above my right ankle I have 4 Chinese symbols, named for Spiritual but the tattoo guy could have lied and it really could be 'sweet and sour' :lol:
Jesse has this in mind.


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