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Well done @slim you've spotted their methodology.
There is just a chance(a very small one I'll grant you) that they are very rich in their own right and do not require any kind of monetary support from the likes of ourselves but somehow I doubt it.
True, nowadays they just roll their eyes and move on. Forty years ago they would have said something.
People always said something about things they disagreed with?
Catholic priests
Jimmy Saville.
They might have said something about things that don't matter, like how someone was dressed, or how they wore their hair. They seemed to be strangely silent about the things that really mattered.
Multi-tasking thanks to piercings. She can feed the sprog, and deliver pizzas simultaneously and
then she can drive back to Pizza Hut, have a fag and use it as an ashtray.


(If that baby is a newborn - then her downstairs has been pierced beyond all economical repair)
You could fit a dartboard in there. Have a quick game of 501.
If you missed the board I doubt that he would even notice.


Let's not forget the girls. One of these either side of the mess and you got yourself a mini-netball pitch.


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