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Pieces of Eight

From my local rag today

SPARKY the foul-mouthed parrot has been given the bird by council chiefs - after neighbours complained they were sick of her.

Mother-of-three Paula Bedford said council chiefs had threatened to evict her family because of noise complaints over their beloved African grey. She has now been forced to move Sparky from her favourite perch by the fire into a back room.

The parrot, which belongs to Ms Bedford's lodger and lifelong friend, Vinnie James, is known to squawk out a string of expletives, along with rude sayings like "show us your knickers", and children's nursery rhymes like Pop Goes The Weasel.

He also mimics the sound of a knocking door and ringing telephone
Remember a guy who smuggled a parrot on board when in the sunny climes, hid it in one of the compartments and was fed on beer and fag ash!
We tried to teach it all the sayings of course, but no way, just shit everywhere! Think it must have been the beer that upset it....

Don't think it was that one from Gib xxspikexx......!! :grin:
There was also a Parrot in the Jamacia Inn on Bodmin Moore in the 70s , we came accross it while do'ing an exped on the moore , we stayed in the back field the whole weekend & tried to teach it to say Ark Royal , it always answered back with what sounde like Ark Royal , but by then we were a bit pissed so anything would have sounded about right , It's probably still there as they live for donkeys years , :wink:

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