Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by xxspikexx, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. would people posting piccys please put a comment i.e who, where its a bit confusing looking at pics of people u dont know ....thank you :lol:
  2. Can't you scroll down to see who posted them? Do agree that some works underneath would help though.
  3. yeah mate but not many people bother
  4. Sorry mate i think you misunderstand me, in gallery latest upload is a pic of a bloke, it says "me at work" then further down it says "Picture information
    Upload by: ex_wasp_L2
    Album name: ex_wasp_L2
    URL: Bookmark Image "

    That gives away who posted it at least, so is a good guess as to who the pic is of. That was what I trust trying to say. Apologies if I still did not get your point.
  5. This is Nell Mcandrew
    Posted by Stirl


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