Pictures that are wrong.

The internets awash with them. All pictures that are wrong in here please.
(With an appropriate caption if you feel the need).

(1). Rum Ration Moderators sponsored cycle ride from Saltash to St. Budeaux raises £1.50 and gets them all rather excited.

(3). The UK brings back capital punishment for murder.
Convicted murderer is shackled, fed into a microwave oven and given the choice of either (a). Frying or (b). Pulling the trigger of the rifle that has been jammed up the ring-bolt with their feet and blowing their murdering heads off.

BillyNoMates said:
More wrong than a pussers grip full of things stamped *WRONG*

Oh I see another jealous bastard with a small c0ck knocking those of us who have a bit "On Deck".

And oi no mates, don't airbrush the colour on my pics again or I'll sue. :twisted: :roll:
bigglesbandicoot said:
Rumrat said:
I've had "knowledge" of worse than that one on the left. She's about 9/10 pints beautiful. 8O :D
Yeah I know. Oh by the way my sister said you were a shite shag.
Ah that's true everyone tells me that, your sister, your Mrs, Mum and dad, and your dog would too if he could talk.
Its getting me down.
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