pictures of the snow

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by golden_rivet, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's snowing in SW London - as you can see !!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. OK G-R rub it in, here in the frozen north its all blue skies and NO snow.
  3. Prove it Mikh - post a picture !!!! :grin:
  4. Lets see if I remebered how to do this


    Just a slight smattering of clouds now - still no snow, but its bloody cold (-2.5C)
  5. We've had enough to bring the South of England to a standstill here, about half an inch, 10 cm for the youngsters.
  6. Should'nt that be 1.25cm for 1/2" Maxi
  7. Never was that good with the funny metric stuff (what was wrong with fathoms) how about 12.5 mm
  8. [​IMG]

    still snowing !!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You be careful - cybermen go rusty in this weather!

  10. It fair warms the cockles of my heart to see the chaos brought to you soft southern Jessies by a couple of millimetres of snow!
  11. [​IMG]

    it's really coming down hard now !!!! :shock:
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    That bloke walking across the street must be a Suvverner... he's wearing a leather jacket! If he was a Norverner he'd be in a t-shirt!

  13. The old bill will be round if you keep getting seen taking pictures out of your window....... perv.
    Still can't see any snow here yet though...........still waiting......
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    we've got bugger all snow down yer, bloody suns shining. :sad:
  15. There is no snow here where I live. although parts of Dartmoor is quite bad but not the part I can see. :grin:
  16. no snow here in gosport - just windy and bloody chilly
  17. Just got sent this from an oppo in London!
  18. Armageddon is coming.

    I woke up to snow at 0700, came back after dropping kids off at school and it p!ssed down with rain, now it's bright sunshine !

    Thunder & Lightening storms tonight ???

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