Pictures of the Falklands


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Hi everyone

I am after a big favour, i have organised a Falklands 25 Dinner and the powers that be have 'suggested' that we put a video montage of scenes of the Falklands both during and post conflict on a big screen during the evening. While i have managed to get hold of some pictures, i would appreciate it if anyone has any that they are willing to let me use.

Either leave a message here or pm me.

Thanks in advance



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Lister that may not be a wise thing to do as it may bring back bad memories of those who came under attack. So may I suggest that you talk it through with the "powers that be" and ask them if pictures of during the Falklands may be a wise thing to do, this is only a thought


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I had the same thoughts as you, but having already chatted with the few vets we have here and they have contributed some pictures, and are more than happy for this.


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I have some photos which I can email to you. A lot of mine were lost in a fire at my home some years ago. :-(

Will be in touch mate.
Feel free to copy my two. The first being taken prisoner at Govt House 2/04/82, the second also at Govt House but taken on the last day of the war. I posted them under my old name of RM2PhD. See under Comic, I think.