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Picture of SSG72 in 1972 AD

Pussers only D/E Submarine fitted with guided missiles HMS/m Aeneas. Fitted with "Blowpipe" to take out helo's.

Someone was 'aving a larf I hope.


Picture taken from HM Submarines in Camera: Sutton Publishing Ltd. A great book



War Hero
Do modern boats have anti air weapons?

(Apart from being able to dive half a mile under the water I mean)
I'm not sure about that ships bell. Is it removed before submerging or is it for waking Neptune from his sleep... or the Kraken...? Also why is the front of the conning tower so unergonomic - or is that for the funnel... er, I mean snorkel thingy?
The bell honour boards and all the harbour tiddly things were taken done below on sailing.

Yon funny thing on the front of the fin was the blowpipe missile system which Shorts thought every submariner would want, and were quite surprised when, after spending all your and my money, they found out that no submariner in his right mind wanted one.

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