Pickle night

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Gillie1853, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. I've just been stung as mr vice for my unit's pickle night and I'm in deserate need of advice as this is my first and I little clue as to what is expected of me. I'm particularly worried about entertaining the mess once the top table goes to the bar as I recently watched a pongo crash and burn at Waterloo night and I'm desperate not to go through that myself. Do any of you have any handy tips, inspirational past experiences or places I can find some cracking materiel?
  2. Hello and welcome.

    You are in a bit of a pickle, eh?

    From whence come Ye? and, Who/What are/were you?

    Without trangressing on PERSEC your answers will enable our RR experts to advise you accordigly.

  3. If that's a last 4 in his name, then we'll all know who he is shortly!
  4. You're looking for inspiration for a witty speech, I think.
  5. Pass the Branston?
  6. Starting with an amusing grace would be good for starters, theres plenty around, something like:

    God of goodness, bless our food,
    Keep us in a pleasant mood.
    Bless the cook and all who serve us.
    From indigestion, Lord preserve us.

    When 'entertaining the troops' some topical jokes will go down well or a good dit would'nt got a miss.
    Good luck!
  7. Without giving too much away I'm a young PO living in a sgt's mess on an army camp but with plenty of other matelots around for support. I wouldn't say I'm the life and soul of the party so I was thinking of maybe doing a shep wooley monologue or the like and maybe a few jokes aimed at one of the old timers who is going outside the day after. I'm guessing I only need to kill about five minutes, I'm just keen not to screw it up. Any other ideas? Also, in your esteemed opinions, should I go for the humorous or historical toast? Cheers for all your help so far!
  8. Sorry that should have been grace not toast.
  9. Exactly!
  10. I hope he is being charged with desertion at defaulters then!

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