Pickle Night.

Discussion in 'History' started by poolblue, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Serving on a crab station and have been pingged to organise a Pickle night in the Sgts mess. Any good ideas? Is there a set format or itinerary?
  2. Google it! Have been to several and each one is different in one or another!
  3. This might be of help!!
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    The origins of Pickle Night 30.10.03 09:26

    Vice Admiral Sir John Lea has contacted Navy News with the definitive account of the origin of Pickle Night.

    Pickle Night commemorates the arrival of the news of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar – and his death – in Britain, thanks to a fast passage by the sloop HMS Pickle.

    Admiral Lea said: “I noticed a reference to Pickle Night in your October issue, and thought you might like to know, for your records, how why and when it originated.

    “I was Commodore of the Royal Naval Barracks from 1972-75. In 1974 I was able to persuade the Admiralty to allow us to become HMS Nelson.

    “This had unusual problems, because personal approval had to be sought from the Queen, as her great grandfather Edward VII had decreed that the new Barracks at Portsmouth was to be known as Victory Barracks.

    “The name change took place in June 1974, on the anniversary of the Battle of the Nile.

    “The president of the Warrant Officers and Chief Petty Officers Mess, Mr Hetherington, came to see me for advice and approval for them to celebrate Trafalgar Night in 1974 in the same way as the Wardroom.

    “I agreed with enthusiasm, but foresaw that there would always be difficulties in getting sufficiently prestigious guests to propose the Immortal Memory toast, as they would be in competition with the Wardroom.

    “I suggested that they should instead celebrate the arrival of the news in this country in HMS Pickle, and so ensure no competition for important guests.

    “I was delighted when the Mess president agreed and so started a tradition in WO and CPO Messes around the country and, I believe, in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, though I am not entirely sure about this.

    “I have had the pleasure of being asked twice to propose the Immortal Memory toast in the Mess in Nelson, the last in 1991, and I was most impressed by how the tradition and ceremony at the dinner has evolved.â€

    The captain of the original Pickle, Lt John Lapenotiere, was promoted Commander for bringing the news of Trafalgar home and given a silver muffineer from George III’s breakfast table – and £500, roughly the equivalent of nearly £20,000 in today’s money.
  4. POOL BLUE, PM me and I'll send you the order of battle and all the terms of reference that we used on my last ship.
  5. [quote“I was delighted when the Mess president agreed and so started a tradition in WO and CPO Messes around the country and, I believe, in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, though I am not entirely sure about this.


    This doesn't happen in the RAN. I only heard of it when on exchange with the RN.
  6. I used to go to a Trafalgar Day Dinner at RAF Newton - this was organised by a RN Instructor officer - plenty of good humour ribbing - and a lot of camaraderie's in teh mess
  7. I have been stitched with organising this years pickle night. Can anyone tell me the OrBat for the nights events. It will be the second time I have done this, but the first I never organised it. I am limited to Internet resources as I am currently in the Gulf and will be until Jan 08. I have googled it, but only get the History of HMS Pickle, and the origins of the night. I remember last time we I did it we read out a number of Signals regarding the events of the Battle.
  8. As a matter of intrest I was reading on a schooner web page about this Pickle thing, some strange 'Tradition' in the Warrant Officers mess, which I had never heard of - there again they didn't need warrant officers in my day they were only reinvented to keep the pongoes happy! (appears that army WO1's and 2's didn't like being called "mate" by some young OD! why not it's an old honoured Naval er Rank, but that's another story!) Then I came across this post - wow education is a fine thing, but "tradition", aw come on! Nice to see the Warrant Officers 'apeing' their betters! Sorry but I thought the Warrant Officer was slightly better than the average young subaltern in the wardroom! Just a tad more experience surely? As I said education IS a fine thing?
  9. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    My eyes hurt after reading that. WTF? Caller, please make your point...
  10. If you can't figure it out it's gone over your head sunshine, best leave it alone
  11. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Alternatively, you could stop talking bollox and actually formulate a coherent and correctly structured argument.

    Education is indeed a fine thing, but only when it is used properly.
  12. Went over my head too.

    Think you will also find its actually held in the WO & SR's Mess and not just a Warrant Officers Mess. Or to keep it 'purple' - WO, SRs and SNCO's Mess. ;-)
  13. Fleet Flagship - Pickle Preps well under way
  14. Perhaps SW's point is that someting that only started in 1974 is not a tradition, which begs the question of how long we have to do something before we can call it a tradition. I would suspect that anything over a quarter of a century qualifies.

    As to the order of events
    1 Decorate mess iot recreate C19 sailing ship.
    2 Provide seating plan/places IAW a normal mess dinner, but using suitably naploeonic job titles, eg the CPOMA becomes the loblolly boy etc.
    3 aArrange appopriate menu with chefs.
    4 Lay in huge amount of port.
    5 Normally follows format of trafalgar night with the readings etc. Google em.

  15. Congratulations 'clanky' spot on!

    How can something that's been going for a 'dogwatch' and be a poor copy of 'the real' thing be considered a tradition.

    Whilst remembering the Pickle as a fast schooner who brought the massage about our victory home from Trafalgar is a good thing (as is Trafalgar Night as celebrated in the wardroom) if we are going to 'invent' new(?) Traditions, surely we should be concerning ourselves with something that has happened in our lifetime? the present Royal Marines I believe celebrate Al Faw day - why not? a well earned Victory surely, by all concerned! that happened within the memory of the people instigating the event.

    As to Trafagar Night why can't the Senior Rates celibrate it - I was under the impression that it was the same Navy that won it! Army regiments tend to celibrate the same victory on the same day, no matter what mess, or am I missing something?
  16. The more the merrier I say, any excuse for a piss up gets my vote.
  17. Hello I am serving at an RAF Station in Cornwall I am running pickle night their for the third year running I can email via MIS iall my info if you like
  18. Trafalgar Night is celebrated by the Senior Rates in JSSU(Cyprus), theres only about 13 Matelots out there, well out numbered they are too. Its a great night finished off with the RN doing a SOD's Opera type thing for an hour or so ripping the tiddle out of various Pongo and Crab characters within the mess.

    All mess members said and no doubt still say its the best night of the year in the mess by a country mile.

    Why Senior Rates don't celebrate? Something to do with the wardrobe no doubt!
  19. Why all the PM me or email me
    Why not just put it up here so we can all know what it is about

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