Pickle night dispatches

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Squirrel, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. Good morning all,

    Does anyone have, or know where I can get hold of, the texts for the pickle night dispatches? I've tried google but I'm not having much luck.

    Many thanks in advance,

  2. Cheers mate, had a look at both of them and it's not quite what I'm after, thanks for your reply though.
  3. Mate where are you? I have got them all on the higher system at work.

    Organising it here In Cyprus.
  4. Curious really but.... So the Commissioned Officers have Trafalgar Night, Warrant Officers have Pickle Night........is there any event or tradition for the ratings?

    Im genuinely curious as Id never heard of these traditions till now, as Im only a civvy who's currently in the application process
  5. channel night :wink:
  6. SR's have Pickle night, most JR's couldn't care less about it all IMO as it's only when they become SR's and take part in mess functions that an interest is taken. For info this is the history behind it

    During the Battle of Trafalgar, Pickle and the other small vessels kept well back from the fighting, since a single broadside from a ship of the line would have sunk her instantly. Pickle herself was stationed to the north-west of the weather line, where Nelson was leading HMS Victory into battle.

    In the later stages of the battle, Pickle, Entreprenente, and the boats of Prince George and Swiftsure went to the rescue of the crew of the French ship, Achille, which caught fire and subsequently exploded. Together they rescued two women and about 200 men. Two or three seamen in the other boats were killed by the French guns going off as they became heated.

    One of the women was floating on an oar completely naked; she was brought on board the schooner wearing a pair of seaman's trousers and recounted the number of men she had had to fight off when they tried to take her oar. The prisoners in Pickle outnumbered her crew three to one and were heard plotting to take her over to take her into Cadiz. Nothing happened though as Pickle's crew kept a particularly sharp watch over the prisoners.

    Pickle was the first ship to bring the news of Nelson's victory to Great Britain, arriving at Falmouth on 4 November 1805. Vice Admiral Collingwood, who had assumed command after the death of Nelson, chose her to carry his dispatches describing the battle and announcing Nelson's death. After arriving in Falmouth, Lapenotiere took a coach to London to deliver the dispatches to the Admiralty. The Admiralty promoted him to Commander for this service. The Committee of the Patriotic Society gave him a sword worth 100 guineas.
  7. Thanks for that Wrecker, fascinating read. Shame the JRs dont take much interest. As I feel it makes it much more rewarding and interesting if you know the history behind such things. Specially things not only valuable to the Navy, but also deeply engrained in the British psyche
  8. Pickle Night is the highlight of the social calender in our mess (joint/mainly crab and pongo). Beats Battle of Britain night and Army Night hands down; mainly because of it's structure (despatches/rum dit/defaulters-fine/skit/white rats etc).
  9. SC

    I'm putting together an article for later today which rounds up the day's events and adds some more detail which I think you will find interesting.
  10. The 'dispatches' for pickle night (at least in all 4 places I've been to them) normally go as follows-

    1)setting the scene before battle, during battle / 2)after battle / 3)journey to uk / 4)at falmouth and journey to london / 5)at admiralty - and see the King / 6) london gazette report. (that you just linked)
  11. Shame that she was lost in the end (1808 I think) but I hear that Portsmouth has a replica which sounds pretty cool to me :
  12. I am organising the Pickle Night at RAF Northolt - the Crabs and Pongos are really getting into the spirit of it with the period costume and numerous volunteers for reading the dispatches... pity the ones that get dispatches 3-4 and 5 will be mullared before they get to speak!!!!

    We even managed to get a brewery to provide us with 100 Bottles of Broadside Beer for the night free. Starting the night with a full Splice the Mainbrace (can wait to see the look on some of their faces when we dish up the Pussers Rum and tell them they cant water it down with anything!!!)

    If you want the dispatches and the words to the Pickle song PM me and i will send everything i have got

  13. Thank you all very much for your interest, replies and offers of help. I've only just had them e-mailed to me from my old unit so I'm sorted.
    Thank you all once again.

  14. Thank you all very much for your interest, replies and offers of help. I've only just had them e-mailed to me from my old unit so I'm sorted.
    Thank you all once again.


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