Picking Up The Brass - on sale now!

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Jenny_Dabber, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. Two long standing members of Arrse have just put the finishing touches to their book 'Picking Up the Brass' and it's out for you all to buy! If I can't convince you to buy this book, then PM convey over here. I can guarantee you aload of sh*ts n giggles with this book, from start to finish!

    I have ordered a copy and have to say, it is farking funny! To order on line, please visit here or visit Amazon. For more info and comments on this, go over to Arrse, this book is selling like hot cakes!

  2. To me it sounds like the pongos version of `the red sailor` though that was set a few decades ago. If it is as good it will be a cracking read.

    Good luck lads
  3. The 2 guys who wrote this book, had attended a Radio interview on BBC Radio Kent.

    Radio Interview
  4. I'm a bit confused. I bought a copy of this highly readable book a few months ago, following it's recommendation on AARSE. I still find the Army mystifying though! I agree that it's very funny. It had me giggling on the train.
  5. An awesome read, highly recommended!
  6. After reading, I really am thinking of joining the army, just to go to Belize!!!!!!!!!
  7. I did buy this, can heartily recommend it. PMSL all the way through, wife thought I was going senile

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