Picking Up the Brass/Map of Africa by Eddy Nugent

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Eddy Nugent is the brainchild of two ex Royal Signals soldiers, Charlie Bell and Ian Deacon. Eddy is a fictional character but what happens to him is a combination of the events that happened to the two authors in the Army of the 80's.

Picking Up the Brass

Bored with the books from blokes who were second on the balcony, have a body count higher than Shipman and who walk around with harry maskers over their eyes? This is the book for you. Follow Eddy as he decides to join the Army on a whim. Learn about mad instructors at the Army Apprentices College in Harrogate and the ethic of "skive to survive" in PT sessions. Having gone through Harrogate myself (albeit as a Junior Leader, therefore i had it worse ;P) i can relate to what he went through and i even recognise some of the instructors (names changed obviously to protect the insane). After graduation, follow Eddy as he gets posted to 216 (Parachute) Signals Squadron in Aldershot. Ah, those were the days!

Eddy Nugent and the Map of Africa

For those of you not in the know, a Map of Africa is when you wet yourself. The patch on the front of ones trews usually resembles Africa (impressive) or the Isle of Wight (not impressive). Eddy is posted to Belize and has all sorts of fun and larks involving insects, alcohol and prostitutes. On his return, Eddy gets posted to the insanity that is Germany. I have to say, it's the most accurate account of squaddies in Germany that i have ever read.

To summarise, these books are bloody hilarious and should be read by everyone with an interest in the Military. Why do i like them? Well, because they are true to life and i can relate to them. Try to avoid reading them in public though, as laughing out loud is frowned upon!
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