Picasso art theft

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Just a quick point on the Picasso art theft of his “Dove with Green Peas†painting.
    Where the feck is the Dove and where are the green peas?Everything is brown!
    Am I just an uneducated moron who likes nude paintings from Ruebens and others and can't see why modern Art is so grand or am I in the band of those who thinks Picasso has taken the world for the idiots some are.
    I respect,Matisse,Monet[not Van Gogh] and a whole lot of other painters but as someone who views Valasquez as the worlds best painter and Turner as Britain's best exponent of colour,shape and sky's, I think Picasso was taking the piss.
    Unless someone can convince me where the Dove and the peas are.
    The French are about as good at security as they are about war.
  2. I fully agree with you it's not art to me either and why it is worth so much cash confounds me, call me a philistine but I would not hang any of it in my outside cludgy.
  3. Van Gogh never did it for me either until I saw his self portrait in the Musee d'Orsay last bank holiday weekend, it has brooding intensity 'in the flesh' that you just don't see in the posters.
  4. I thought he fatally shot himself in 1890?
  5. Now now Finky, there are inverted commas involved
  6. No seafarer 1939, you are most certainly not an 'uneducated moron' for having views on an artistic work or genre. To me that is the very point of 'art' in any of its forms, and personal opinion is always entirely valid.

    I can understand people's dislike of any art, and in the modern era much work since the age of the Impressionists can be particularly challenging as it doesn't necessarily represent an image that the viewer may recognise. But that is art.

    I think fink's view that something 'is not art' is a tad unfair. Though you may not like it, it has been created from someone's imagination which, in my opinion, gives it artistic value - however 'invaluable' that may be to another observer.

    I'm neither an art student nor an artist by the way, but my recent studies have involved a little art stuff and it has been a real eye-opener which I firmly believe has enhanced my appreciation of most art forms.

    Standfast jazz 'music', boy bands and the novels of Dan Brown.

    Edited to add - I appreciate that I will lose any vague street cred I may have had for this post.

    And then a bit more for saying 'street cred'.
  7. Define "art"

    Go on. I dares ya :D

    Sorry Guzzler, you beat me to it ... sort of
  8. Dictionary been eaten then? Google broke?

    'imaginative skill' crops up in my Collins.

    I win.
  9. " Define art" was aimed at previous posters, ( a bit harshly on reflection :oops: ), and my subsequent editing was not in time to beat your post.

    Does that make sense?
  10. Curses 8O

    My apologies.

    My round again :eek:ccasion5:
  11. Well if you boys want to make your minds up, you can view them at a special forces rate, just pm me.
  12. Dibs on the Modigliani please NmC.

    Pension goes in on the 29th so I'll see you right then if that's OK.
  13. I've been a jazz pianist all my life[exept on destroyers where there was no piano!] yet I still find Mainstream jazz with sax men trilling up an down notes with no real rythm not my idea of music.
    When I hear a piano player playing the same jazz I can admire the techique,way above my skill,but it's not tuneful and that's what music should be.So should it be in art IMO
    Back to painting,a friend of mine has a quite valuable modern painting up in his house,a bit like that Picasso work but not his[he wasn't that rich] cubism I think he called it.
    I did my moan that a kiddy could paint that and he said that every morning he woke up,looked at it and saw a differrent picture in it.
    Maybe that's why people buy these type of pictures,way above my head though.
    I once had a furious falling out with a French girlfriend because she liked modern art and kept shouting that paintings were not photo's and should be seen as life.
    she may be right.
  14. This is REAL Spanish art

  15. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Nothing can beat "Dogs playing Poker" or "Tennis girl hiking her skirt up" - thats real art that is.
  16. Excuse my comments on jazz seafarer - strongly personal and no doubt unfairly biased views on my part, but I cut myself off from jazz with the same lack of logic that makes football fans who like the same sport 'hate' each other.

    Of course jazz is an art form, and the fact it brings pleasure to millions is great. Unfortunately I blame jazz hysteria for the break up of my family many years ago, hence my slightly irrational, and even immature, distaste for it.
  17. Fuck aye!

    Mental Salvador. I'd nick one of his paintings any day.
  18. :lol: Yes, classics indeed.

    Brazilian bint in the jungle is a big favourite of mine as well.

    There's also a good one of a jaguar (feline not car) lying on some grass or something. You almost want to nail three of them in a sort of step presentation next to your wall mounted telly.

    Just above the 'wine' rack full of Yellow Tail shiraz.
  19. Ok I agree that Picasso is "an acquired taste" (not mine), I loathe the painting "Guernica". It's supposed to elicit emotion for the massacre, but it just looks like a complete mess to me. As for Van Gogh, his "Starry night over the Rhone" is a painting I like.....
  20. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Bit fookin posh arn't you. Blue Nun.

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