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Hi all,

I'm CO of a SCC unit with a lot of interest in PT, I have some qualified cadets but they have questions about the drill etc.

Is there such a thing as a PT manual? Either by the SCC or the RN? That we can just use for reference?



Also, as a CCF cadet and a SCC instructor, you may want to get down to SCTC Raleigh soon and ask to speak to the guys who teach the new recruits and how to nurture/push the cadets. The PT guys at Raleigh might help you too.


From a cadet's perspective, it helps to know you've talked to someone who knows what they're doing! PM me if u need help with anything!

You should also try


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Touch base with a gym at a base and ask for all the pussers games rules, that's what I did, if you want copies let me know
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