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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ward25, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi im hoping to join the navy as an officer after I finish uni, I have already applied for the navy once before but they told me my maths wasnt good enough to join as an officer when I took the RT test. My Logical, reasoning and verbal test results were good but even though most of the answers I answered in the maths were correct, I found I was far too slow and spent far too long on single questions. I was wondering if any one knew of any good Physcometric maths test books, or had any good tips on improving your maths skills especially speed. I know I can have one more go at attempting to join as an offiicer, so I dont want to muck this chance up! so please any tips or good books would help.
  2. For basic addition I find killer sudoku's are good practice, expecially if you time yourself, and it also helps you spot patterns and exercise your logic.

    I'm applying for aircrew so been finding the speed/distance/time calculations are good practice. You won't necessarily need them, but they help exercise the brain and improve your mental arithmatic. As has also been mentioned elsewhere, if you can get your hands on a DS and braintraining then so much the better!
  3. Hi W25, try using the search tab and type in psycometric testing, and you will see a complete list of threads relating to this. I believe in there somewhere, ninja stoker has listed a few good examples of books and tests to practice on
  4. You might try searching for 'psychometric' too.
  5. Hi Sharky,

    The best thing you can do is pop along to your local library and borrow some of their psychometric testing books, some of the bigger ones also have copies of other companies' tests which you can practice on.

    I have also heard as stated that the Nintendo DS "Braintraining" is very good at speeding up your basic arithmetic.

    You need to practice, practice, practice.


  6. my apologies for my spelling, damn my sausage fingers. :oops:
  7. I do have a nintendo nintendo DS so I think getting a copy of Braintraining would be a good idea, And i didnt think of going to the library but if it means not shelling out loads of money on books then I should head down there. My main problem is speed, seen as my basic maths skills are ok. I found when I took the test I didnt really take the time into account and then the time was up. But thanks for all the ideas.
  8. Amazing these days, how many Young'uns buy books before seeing if they can borrow them for free from the library. One day, with enough practice, you may become a thrifty penny pinching Bar-steward like me :thumright:
  9. Hi all...

    In regards to the test, I have mine soon and was wondering if you could help with me with a couple of questions?

    Do you have to get a certain score for the branch you have applied for? If so would anyone have a rough idea of what it would be for a Warfare Specialist?

  10. The answer to your question is "yes, there are scores for particular jobs". You need to get about 50 per cent (60 marks) to be able to go for the warfare jobs.


  11. I just took mine on Monday, and found it relatively simple. Providing you prepare well for what to expect there is no real difficulty to it. Maths-wise I would swot up on long multiplication and division, fractions/decimals and my personal pet hate - the "if x+y = xyz what is x" questions. I used the GCSE revision pages from the tinterweb to prepare for the maths and found I had few problems come test day.

    What I would say is if you find yourself short of time(the chap who did our test told us when we had 1 minute remaining on each test) just guess the rest of the questions left to answer. You dont get marked down for wrong answers so if you find you still have 5-10 questions left, mark an answer for each one, it could be the difference of a pass or fail.

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