Physcometric Testing For Officer.

If your going for your physcometric test in the next couple of weeks my advice is to get on to the internet and buy some books. when i went for my test the first time i did pretty bad and decided to go back in 6 months and do it again. During the 6 months i studied the books and i went back last thursday and passed. They definatly helped me to understand the question more! :eek:

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I don't know how everyone else feels on the subject, but if I fail my ratings psychometric tests when I want to be an officer, then I'm pretty sure I don't deserve to be an officer, even if I could pass after a second attempt.

As far as I am aware, the tests you get at AIB are harder. I don't mean to put you down, well done for passing, but you'll have to put in a lot of effort to get your test skills up to get a good score at AIB.
I beg to differ. I'd like to think I have a decent level of intelligence (holding an MSc with distinction) and although I passed the tests I found them incredibly illogical and abstract at times. I found that it wasn't the material that was hard to understand but the methodology of answering questions; a distinct memory I had, for example, was choosing between the answer's "no" and "cannot say" on the verbal reasoning! I got a book to look at what the patterns and common criteria could be for the abstract reasoning as I was going off on all sorts of tangents - to realise that the obscure similarities were sometimes '"side a" has three shapes facing up and any number facing down'... I was looking for number patterns and things like that at first!

Maths on the other hand is pretty pure - you either know it or you don't but then I guess that can be said about most things.

Well done to the original poster and best of luck with your application.
Psychometric tests are the best way to judge intellect, but even they fall a long way short of the mark. The trouble with saying that a person is or isn't intellectual is that no one can really define (or more correctly, has not yet defined) to a suitable level what intellect is.

It is widely acknowledged that most people can be taught how to do well at psychometric tests, which in itself invalidates the test.

Furthermore, academic qualifications bear little relation to a person's aptitude to complete psychometric tests.
I think we're on the same wavelength after all then! I totally agree that people can learn to pass tests which somewhat invalidates them; I think I went down that route myself. To read between the lines in your post I think the wrong assumption I had/have to some extent is that the academic intellect and intelligence go hand in hand... They don't!

On the other hand, I guess the Navy look at your interviews, test results and academic qualifications all together so whilst I don't like the system, I do have the utmost confidence in it! Something also tells me RN recruiters have a fair old bit of history and experience in sorting the wheat from the chaff...
Yes, I'm pretty sure they are too, although it would be good to catch the chaff as early as possible (one of the reasons why POCs have to do the RT and PJFT now I guess). I seem to recall hearing that the selection process after the RT is really quite expensive.

I guess what I meant to get across in my first post was that, if I failed the RT the first time round, I would feel like I was wasting the RN's already short budget by continuing the officer selection process.
The point here guys is that this person, failed first time because she had never seen a psyhcometric test before, then stayed on at school re-did her A/S levels to better her grades , and studied all the the things the AFCO told her to and really put in a lot of hard work to pass the test second time round. A lot would have given up at that point but this shows the determination she has to WANT to be there, surely these are the types of people the RN wants after all 9 GCSE's and 5 A/S Levels prove the intellect is there, its just not that easy when you have never seen one of these tests before.


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Just a little pointer, for those wondering: the Psychometric Test for Officer taken at your local AFCO is the same as Ratings & the Example Psychometric Tests are applicable to all.

It is not uncommon for those with reasonable academic attainment to fail at the level required for Officer & graduates have been known to fail the test for rating also.

The psychometric tests at AIB are much more involved than the "coarse filter" used at AFCOs.

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