physcometric test and fitness test

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mitchel, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. I got my phycometric test on the 14th and i was woundering if there any last things i can do.

    Also on the fitness test to i need to bring my own trainers and stuff because in the photos on the fitness test they look like there wearing all the same trainers.

    also 1 more thing i watched that ross kemp on pirates and his was on a reall hms warship, i fort it was brilliant.

    thanks for the advice

  2. I'm sure you will have been given a letter by your AFCO telling you what you need to bring, those pictures aren't of the PJFT.

    For the psychometric test why not practice some psychometric tests online? I really recommend this as it will affect what career paths you can go down and judging by some of your awful grammar you will need that help.
  3. 'which'

    Own house in order eh?
  4. I have mine next week, go to your local library, and get books out on physcometric testing, i found the navy one to be ok but not enough questions to get a guage on how hard it is. The books to look at has been mentioned, i am looking through them and have really been of help so far.
  5. The difference being Guzzler I have already passed my recruitment test and any other tests I've been given. Plus I'm from the Black Country.
  6. Rock up in your civvies and you'll be issued with a new pair of Nike AirMaxIICrossForce pumps and a pair of Ron Hill trackies and an RN Reps Tshirt. :roll:

    Do you want jam on that?
  7. Is the maths just basic maths such as add, fractions,times and division. I have my test next week, and i really cant remember it as the last time i did it was 8 years ago?
  8. Some Algebra in there too.
  9. ok cheers
  10. Its the time limit you really need to worry about, saying that the pass marks aren't that high so making sur eyou don't make silly mistakes is important too, for example I missed 5 questions on one section but still passed for AET because the ones I had answered I had got right.
  11. I have been going against the clock and doing well, i have just been doing times,divide, some fractions, take-away. Nothing to advance,mainly basic maths but covering quite abit.
  12. Check out some mechanical comprehension questions as well as theres a few of those.
  13. is it all at a basic level though ?
  14. Pretty simple to be honest I thought, picture of 4 levers with weights attached at different points along the levers and you're asked which would move faster that kinda thing. I ain't explaining this the best and I did mine ages ago.
  15. ok mate, cheers
  16. Work through the practice test booklet you've been sent, it gives a pretty good indication of the type of questions you'll be asked, anything you're struggling on, then look on BBC Bitesize.
  17. Jamaica?
  18. hi,
    im struggling to find any examples of algebra questions. Can anyone help with some? i have totally forgotten how to do algebra, its been 12 yrs!!
  19. Do what i did when i needed Maths for an entry exam. Go to the Library (big thing with books) and get a few maths books out. Then get yourself home, switch the kettle on and sit down and learn how to do it for yourself!!

    Easy innit!! :wink: :wink:

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