Discussion in 'RMR' started by TurboThreaders, May 6, 2007.

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  1. alrite fellas.

    i am almost half way through RMR phase 2 training, and have just over 2 months until my confirmation weekend for the Reserve Forces Commando Course, by which time i need to be the proud owner of commando fitness levels.

    Being RMR and not RM the majority of my phys is conducted by myself rather than a PTI led session, which makes it harder for me to reach the proper levels of phys as i dont have the knowledge of a PTI.

    Can anyone here give me a copy of the phys regimes they used when training for the RFCC?

    thanks in advance.

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Here you go, if you haven't tried this link before I believe it's good for RM & RMR with regards training: Military Fitness & Training
  3. Alright guys,

    Instead of starting a new thread I thought I'd just continue in here.

    I'm in pretty much the same boat as Halford at the moment with the RFCC in in July. It would be great if a few of the guys who have done it before could post a few tips on what we should be doing in the last 5 or 6 weeks leading up to the RFCC, particularly BPT passout and Tarzan?

    I've got a phys programme that's done me OK up until now but its needing a bit of a revamp to get me to that level of fitness required for the RFCC.

    Any tips at all would be greatly appreciated :thanks:

  4. Alright Lads,

    I am a little confused to where you are pitching your fitness level from. If you are only 2 months away from the tests weeks, you should be at a high densitiy level of fitness already.

    Are you being tested by your Units on the Phase 2 weekends?

    Have you ran a 6 or 9 miler and passed?
    Have you done an in Unit 12 mile yomp with full kit?
    Does your Unit have a 30 ft rope, and can you climb it effortlessly with full kit?
    Can you do a full Regain with full kit after a PT session, hanging out your hoop?

  5. alrite HM.

    i cant speak for RGB but in my case i am at a good level of phys and am on track for the RFCC, however i could be fitter and want to do the very best training i can between now and then. yes i know iv been a nobber and its quite late in the game to be asking these questions but i would greatly apprecciate any advice on RFCC prep phys.

    with my unit:

    i have ran and passed a 6 mile speed march, full kit, on very hilly terrain (Catterick) but no 9 miler. i run 9 miles in boots no kit easily.

    no 12 mile yomp, done lots of 8s 9s and a 10, could easily have done another 2 miles.

    rope climbing has allways been my weakness, i can get to the top with full kit everytime now but it is certainly not effortless, i have to give it everything and two climbs would be a push.

    regains have allways come easy to me and i dont have a problem with these even when ballbagged.


  6. Alright Halford. I'm one of the Scotland lads that did the phase 1 course with you lot and i'm in the same boat as you. I don't think I'm below standard for phys but i just want to get good times on the tests. I've had a similar chat with some of the lads with lids about what they did prior to the course. I never go running in boots to be honest but I've been advised go running for an hour and a half regularly and cover not far off 15 miles. Hoping I can up this to 2 hours no bother before the course. The ropes is my weak point as well. It's deffo all about technique because the wee lad who is in my troop is better at them than me and he's nowhere near as strong so i think the best thing for that is to get as much practice as possible even if it means asking for more tution from a pti.
  7. Mate, you are right. It is all technique, but once you get it, it stays with you for life. It's all in the knees locking on the rope on the 30ft climb, get that right and it's a piece of pish.

    The regain is also a doddle too, once you get it. Ask one of the trained ranks to take you through it on a phys night (they should do anyway). Work on you abs too (sit ups). No matter how wet cold or tired I was I could use either abs or technique. On seeing me use the abs method, the Staff made me do it again (thinking I would be too tired to do it twice), and I did. And again, and again and again etc. etc., until he gave up. BUT, don't rely on abs, you must get the technique.

    Also, firemans carry. Important to train for this in my opinion, especiaaly if you are unlucky on the day and get landed with some fat knacker. :money:
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    God its been along time since I was on a rope but, it is definatley down to technique rather than muscle, this is where the regulars really have the edge on you fellas, they do an awful lot of rope work in the gym before they get down to the bottom field. Practice your dont need your kit on to practice it, get your feet in the right place, the rope lined up correctley and push yourself up with your thigh muscles...not your arms.

    Once you've cracked it then add your kit.

    You'll be pleased to know a PTI told me we did rope climbing to practice coming down as if we were exiting a helicopter........I did wonder why we didn't start at the top....
  9. Exactly, bring your knees right up, lock and stand up, hand over hand up the rope, but not pulling, you'll be knackered otherwise.
  10. Ditto blobbs havent climbed a rope in ages. I was 10 stone during training and could easily climb a 30ft rope arms only doing 5 reps at a time. Having a runners build didnt always help and i struggled during the load carries but dug out blind. I built my strength and endurance up though and was quite good over the hills carrying weight.

    I dont agree as regards the Regs getting more practice though. My troop Sgt DH took great delight in introducing us to the ropes during the inevitable beasting sessions during inspection. Another trick was to load us up with extra kit which included a GPMG or LAW90 as well our own personal kit weighing 22lbs. We also had the opportunity to come onboard whenever we wanted so that we could train on the main deck which obviously again meant more ropework.

    Great days, great fun!!! NOT!!
  11. alrite blokes. cheers for the help and advice over the last 11 months. Off for my Phase 2 confirmation weekend now. the penultimate step to a green lid.

    see you down there RGB!!

    wait. out.
  12. Good luck with it mate, sure by this stage you will be fine on your course down at CTC. Keep me informed and PM me if you need any help with anything.

  13. alrite Halford

    Hope things went well with confirmation, did you guys do yours at CTC?
    I've just got home after mine and I'm hanging out big time but I passed so I'm pleased with that:L :thumright: Just got the RFCC to look forward to and the joys of Lympstone again: :toothy5:
  14. Right_good_boodjie AKA "kev" is a phys monster and don't let him tell you otherwise! I bet you went out for a wee 20 mile run with your bergan and did an arms only rope climb when you got back to strech out your legs.
  15. yeh, i remember kev off my phase one course (we have the priviledge of sharing names which placed us next to each other in queues!). Cant remember him struggling phys wise.

    yeh ours was at lympstone, i was surprised to see all the bristol boys there from phase one (including one who paddy was keen to take the piss out of) but then i found out that only one of them was on the RFCC the rest were jst there for the phys.

    the endurance course wasnt as hard as i thought, tho still the wrong side of easy. the bottom field was hard and i took a whole 89 seconds to do the firemans carry, however i had just sicked up my entire breakfast and more so i was in a shit state. 6 msm was a piece of proverbial.

    apprehensive but quietly confident for the RFCC. light bike ride tomorrow, one or two long slow runs and maybe a few rounds on the bag to wind down before the course.

    any snazzy sneaky bits of kit you are taking? my shopping list includes:

    lots of deep heat and deep freeze, radox for the baths, lots of peanuts, protein and cyclone, crates of lucozade, multivitamins, and lots of othe potions and placebos.

    also im going to squeeze in the odd ice bath with the help of the medcentre.
  16. Might be stating the obvious but some extra clothing wouldn't go amiss. Some extra denims, socks and if your really really good fighting order will come in handy as well as some extra water bottles which i didnt take initially but managed to blag just before going into the field.
  17. Climbing ropes!! I always demanded Roller Haulage, usually just got a kick up the [email protected]!. :rambo:

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