Phots for sale!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Alfacharlie, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. As Xmas is arriving, I'm trying to raise some extra cash, so I'll be selling some naked phots of myself.

    Please could you send me your credit card details and I'll post the pictures accordingly.

    Thank you for your generosity.
  2. When did you get the draft to Nigeria ?.

  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Most of the spam mail asking you to send details of your account originate from Nigeria.
  5. I get ya. No, safeguard.

    Loads of me on Brighton Beach when I was about 2.
  6. Aiming for the paedo market. Good money spinner. like it, have you tried e-goat
  7. Kinell have we met?? My parents had phots of me wringing out my trunks in the open air paddling pool by Brighton beach aged 6 or 7. Oh what fun i had when my parents dragged out the photos to embarrass me when i was a teenager!! :oops:

    Bitter and twisted from sarf London :roll:
  8. Yeah, already there mate. Sold one of me tucking my todger inbetween my legs and pretending to be a girl.

    Multi marketing!!!

  9. Sell 'em!! You'll make a killing.
  10. Like it. Maybe you should have a go at the Dragon's Den for some investment. You could be on to a winner here.
  11. Good idea.

    I'll be on tele too!!
  12. In my day mutter mutter............I had to wear my elder sisters hand me down cossy with the straps tucked into my nether regions on Scar'bro sands.
  13. i'd make a killing selling the vintage ASA 25m,50m and 100m swimming awards sewn proudly on my green trunks with the white Go-Faster stripe down one side!!

    The joys!!! :wink: :oops:
  14. Got any phots?
  15. Me sister has, I will ask her over crimbo, in the mean time..............

    A thicket of Stokers.


    I am the dickhead with muffs on head.
  16. Sterlings in the middle

  17. Nice one Wreck. :D
  18. Fcuking donkeys Blackpool beach early 60s mum and dad in ta pub me and kid bro left on beach with bottle of warm lemonade riding fcuking donkeys in me stripey trunks til pubs closed drunken parents trying to find us among the masses on the beach easily identifyable really no fcuking skin left on the insides of our thighs bleeding to death in the sand.
    Reet good laugh that was
  19. To paraphrase Monty wer lucky!! I always got dragged to Brighton beach. They always bought us a bucket and spade which was great 'cos there's no fcuking sand!!! You cannot build a "pebble castle"...fact

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