Photos... Service number doesn't match uniform!

Discussion in 'History' started by mrskpickles, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. Hey, here are some pics of grandad in uniform. He is the one with the three bladed prop with star above, and on the other arm leading rate anchor.. Stripe underneath? And the little colours on his chest.. Does that signify where he went.. Sort of replaces medals coz clearly you can't wear them day to day!? So why then is his service number p/jx132913?? The nber was taken straight from framed medals he had done for 70th birthday. Confused?? I thought the badges etc meant leading stoker... But service number says Portsmouth, seaman/communicator. If you started as seaman and then changed to stoker would you retain original p/jx nber??? That's just my ignorant guess work! Thank you. Kirstie

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  2. it me, or does the anchor on his sleeve not look like the standard leading rate one with the rope going looks odd to me...but then pic isn't exactly sharp!
  3. Can I just say what a lovely photo that is? They look so happy, don't they?
  4. Kirstie the the three bladed prop denotes his branch as an Mechanical Engineer, Stoker for short. His rate badge is the "Killick" anchor. I enlarged it and it is a standard rate badge. The stripe underneath is a 4 years good conduct badge. The "Little colours" on his chest are medal ribbons. Worn on a uniform when Medals have been awarded.
    The number is for a Pompey rating whatever trade. Tiffs and Occifers had a different letter.
  5. :-D

    ps: a good pic, I don't have many of my old man in square rig, he tended to throw things away as he got older ... :(

  6. Not so. I can't remember all the details but I served on at least one ship with guys who had a P/KX number and I have a vague recollection that they were stokers but then most of my recollections are vague these days.
  7. P/KX would have been a stoker. On a 12 year CS engagement with Portsmouth as his Port Division.

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