Photos etc. taken by Service Personel

Without discussing any current events the following thoughts hace come to mind.

As ex-plod I am still amazed that Service People who have taken video or photograhic pictures in any conflict zone or in fact any place in Service life which show events, initiations, bullying or any other act that is out side the law or Military Regulations even if in the past that act has received the nod from Commissioned and/or Non Commissioned Officers still store and retain these images. WHY?????? when it can only bring grief to you and your mates.

New pics from Abu Ghraib Prison have surfaced today. Is it not time that all personel are banned from having cameras, cam-corders etc. until they can be trusted and adult enough to use them with common sense.

As Plod I quickly learnt in the 70's/80's to check my tray, desk and locker daily to ensure I had no items that had either been put there by me or planted by others that may have got me or other officers deep in the poop. Has nobody learnt anything in 30 years.

Check your PC and delete all, do not send a PC for repairs until you are certain it is clean.



Lantern Swinger
andym said:
Yeah but how clean is "clean"?Youll be amazed at what can be recovered from a "clean" Hard drive!

If a certain pop star had used a program such as PGP or Blancco prior to sending his pc in to PC World, there would not have been a problem!!

What some people seem to forget is that your hard disk is really just a whole load of filing cabinets in a big room.

How do you find the file you want? Simple....

1. Walk into the room.
2. Check the list on the wall which tells you which cabinet to look in
3. Go to that cabinet and read the drawer labels
4. open drawer and take file out.

Your computer works exactly the same way. When you delete a file, it is like walking into the room and rubbing the file name off the list on the wall - the file still exists, just nobody can find it in any of the paperwork.... Blancco will go to the drawer, rip up the file and then shred it! This does, however, have the slight side effect of shredding the whole room at the same time 8O but if you have information on your hard disk you don't want anyone else to get (which, in these days of internet banking, phishing etc is nearly everybody!), think about these types of software before you dispose of your old pc.

You should regularly shred your computer to get rid of bank account details, if nothing else, or you can easily get defrauded when someone hacks into your machine. I stopped using wifi internet after getting hacked into and defrauded.

If you're a Apple Mac user the software to go for is: NetShredX & ShredItX.