Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by daffy1, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering if there is any aspiring photographers, as i need help deciding getting my first SLR camera or go for a Bridge camera. I have a few in mind and have a budget of approx £300.
  2. If you can stretch to it consider the Nikon D40x

    What area of photography are you interested in Daffy?
  3. Im mostly just stepping up from the point and shoot cameras, i do own a bridge camera but as i said i want to just get in the world of SLR and go from there really.
  4. I've only just got into it. I own an Olympus E500 does eveything I need. However my bro is a professional phot he uses Canons but Nikons are the dogs b's
  5. My boss has one and won't shut up about the thing, so I suppose it must be ok!!!!! Another chap uses one professionally as a wedding snapper, he rates them highly too.
  6. The D40x is an excellent consumer camera. You need to be aware that the camera you choose is half the equation the lens you use are central to the quality of the end result.

    I don't know how much you know about lens types, but basically if you just starting out I'd recommend going with the kit lens available rather than be talked into buying a couple of lens; spending some time finding out what it can do and can't do will help in planning what your next lens purchase will be.
  7. Would I be correct in saying the Nikon has a large range of VR lens that would fit the D40x?
  8. Yes, and most are excellent (there is the odd focal length where independents like Sigma produce better image quality).
  9. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Go for the Nikon D40-it's an excellent camera and the kit lens is not too shabby. I've got an Nikon D60 and get some cracking phots with it but practice makes perfect!

    Have a look on there for some good deals.
  10. Check, Check, Check!

    The D40x is a good camera. I currently own one. There is a downside. Nikon do a large range of lenses which are compatable with their camera bodies, except for some reason with the D40x in many cases.
    There is also a problem with the Auto focus on the supplied lenses. It breaks really easily (normally just as the warranty runs out in my case :( ). There are numerous sites if you google Nikon D40x auto focus problems (or a search string to that effect) which will give you information on this little snippet. Again I only know about it because it has happened to me.

    Nice camera but I wish I had researched it a bit more on the net. I would have saved a bit more and gone for the D80 with what I now know.
  11. Most of the Digital SLR cameras are similar for properties.

    I have a Pentax K200-----chose that because my 35mm SLR lenses are compatible with it .
    Supplied lens was 18-55 but my favourite lens 28-80 .

    Definately the biz for downloading to PC and quality is as good as 35mm

    Suggest you look at the Argos catalogue -some good priced cameras in there.

    G :fish:
  12. Thanks guys, i will look at the suggested ones. I am going to get one before i go to Edinburgh for a weekend, should be a good place to get some pics.
  13. It seems to have everything i am after as a first time buyer without massively breaking the bank. I dont really want to spend much more as its going to be another learning curve.
  14. It is a good all rounder for the novice DSLR user,
  15. If you're interested in the Nikon D40x I suggest you read this review...

    Pay attention to the section on AF lenses. It's limited as to what AF lenses it can use. If that's no problem for you, then fine.

  16. I've got a Nikon D5000 and I must say it is the utter nuts. I got a package deal from Pixmania with a decent lens and a case etc. It is easy to use, even the missus who has trouble operating anything more complex than a microwave, can use it.

    Here is a random selection of phots I have taken with it:
  17. 2dd

    These are gorgeous pictures.

    I especially like the cheetah in the tree.

    How far away were you?

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