Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Topaz, Jun 9, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering If anyone has any usefull links where I can look at todays military photographers?

    Ive tried the obvious such as google, but all I seem to find is US phots.

    Not urgent Im just curious as to what the images are like, and want to find more info on it :)
  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Photographers or photographs?

    If its pictures then the RN web site has a collection of the more up to date shots.
  3. Urmm more specificaly photographers, as I can find upto date photos on the net they just never say the name of the photographer :)
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well unfortunately that line of interest is going to lead to a few persec issues......
  5. I'm a military photographer. What info are you looking for?
  6. On MoD websites and publications you will rarley find anything other than "Crown Copyright". The independents like Navy News, Globe & Laurel, etc credit most photos whether from a navy phot or otherwise.

    The reason is simply down to current policy which is more about ownership of rights rather than credit.

    Independent journals have independent editors who decide for themselves and therefore much more likely to recognise the contributor as well as the copyright holder.

    But, again, knowing what you are trying to achieve would help you get a better steer.
  7. To be honset Im just looking into information about it and looking up a few names would be nice.

    Id like to go into phot when Im in but was just woundering if its something hard to get into or not, I asked my careers advisor but he wasnt very helpfull.

    I spose there isnt much point in me worrying about it just yet though.

    Thanks for the link x
  8. Hope you are aware that most phot ratings are snappers :thumright:
  9. If you do, just remember one thing... B****y stand still and stop shooting during a two minute silence!!! and spread the word.
  10. Bollox! Keep shooting! You'll never make a Press Snapper RMA!! :thumright:
  11. Why? Just re-create the event later and claim you were there, a-la Sky News.
  12. I'm a believer in respect; I believe that the best press photojournalists would agree with me. Though most Navy phots I have witnessed disregarding the silence most likely do so through either ignorance or over-enthusiasm as opposed to lack of respect. Either way it doesn't reflect well on them and the public don't like it. One could argue that someone needs to capture that moment... Let someone else do it if they wish.
  13. Bit late in replying, but not been around lately. As an ex Pussers phot I can't really comment on what it's like now but it was a real 'dead mans shoes' branch when I joined having to wait for people to leave before a vacancy became available. After passing the interview etc it was almost 5 yrs before I managed to get in also you could not join direct, you had to sideways move from another branch. I'm ex-diesel boats so when I fancied a change I decided it had to be something that was going to help me when I left the mob. Saying that, once I got in it was an excellent branch. Surprising what a difference it makes in the way you're treated when people want something from you! Only left because of the way Labour did the defence cuts when they got in otherwise I'd still be there.
    Swapped the mob for being a photoghrapher in the police which was great fun, all death & blood! Now a CSI so can get in amongst it instead of hiding behind the camera!
    If you are still interested, try the Naval Photographers Association website which I can't remember the web address at the mo as they've changed it but I will check it out when I get home & post you.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Topaz: I have a vague recollection that you have asked this question before, but if you want to get some information 'from the horse's mouth' so to speak, then try posting your concerns and queries on the Royal Naval Photographer's Association website.

  15. Perhaps Topaz needs an RN phot name so that she can arrange for some classical photographs to be taken.
    If she can't find a real phot I will volunteer and dig out my old box brownie. If she insists I may even buy a film for it. :thumright:
  16. What a waste of space time and money.Anyone cane take a picture,bloody get a proper job wasters!!
  17. o_O

    That all depends. There are snappers and photographers. Anyone can point-and-shoot but not everyone can produce high quality images suitable for publication.

    Let us suppose that you take a digital image (becoming the standard medium for photographic reproduction) which you wish to be reproduced in, say an A4 sized magazine. To begin with you need to take the best image you can - post-production processing cannot render a bad image into a good image! Let's say that you are photographing an aircraft landing on board ship in an evening sky. If you wish the image of the ship itself to be reasonably clear then you should ideally use a hard graduated ND 0.6 filter with the camera on manual (exposing for, say the aircraft). This will reduce the light entering the camera in the upper half of the image thus creating a more balanced image. This way you minimise loss of detail. The next stage is post-processing the RAW image to bring out as much detail as possible. A snapshot would expose for the sky. You may override the exposure a couple of stops to bring out more detail, but this is less than perfect. A JPEG image offers considerably less latitude for post-production image manipulation, and most cheap snapshot cameras do not offer RAW.

    Then your image for electronic processing must have a minimum resolution of 300 ppi, preferably higher. The image needs to be digitally processed to edit out blemishes, colour fringing, etc. If you work with RAW files (which give optimum quality and are very versatile) you need to first edit them in a programme like Bridge CS3 (highly recommended, as you can add non-camera created metadata automatically and editing in Bridge is non-destructive: the alterations being stored and giving instructions to Photoshop as to how the image should be processed) then process them in Photoshop (eg flattening, setting the bit-colour depth, setting the print calibration, etc). An image needs to be processed differently if it is to be posted online, printed, etc.

    Then there's making images with film...... :dwarf:

    Norman, get yer hat! :threaten:
  18. Load of Bollocks Steve. A grainy snapshot from a £10.00 digital camera of any two non related A list celebs caught bonking would be worth loads of dosh to many magazines :w00t:

    Now where did I put the camera?
  19. :oops:

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