Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by jackdusty, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Anyone aboard from the Buff Funnel Line? (Survey Navy, not Yacht.)

    I'm looking for a photo of HMS Scott (1939 - 1965 vintage.) Done the usual searches, but hardly a whisper about her can I find. Any leads gratefully received.

  2. Hi,

    For more information and to meet some of the ships company

    Failing that give Joe Erskine, The Secretary an E Mail at

    [email protected]


    Survey Ships reunion this year in Blackpool Last weekend in October
  3. Dat's da bunny :D Cheers Geoffers - come round!

    Likewise Terry :)

    Now that's what I call service.
  4. www.burrill12.freeserv...cottTN.jpg

    Thanks for that Nutty. How did you find that then? There's no link to that page from the rest of the site that I could see.

    Interesting stuff though. Spent a good hour having a sniff around. I reckon if everybody took the time to tell their story, there'd be no time left to have a future.

    Might save some aggravation, at that.
  5. Greetings to a brother Dusty,

    HMS Scott - Now that's a name from the past. My first 'draft' as a very young baby sailor (15 1/2ish) on a week's sea training from Ganges, living in a hammock, sick as a dog but loved it all the same hence signing on for LS2.
    Wasn't she a converted minelayer or similar?
    Being an ex Dusty myself, I was tender base (Pembroke) for the survey ships Bulldog/Beagle/Hecla/Hecate/Herald as well as the ISS Egeria/Enterprise and Echo.
    Trust you found your fottie?
  6. Wotcher, whitemouse.

    Bitten by the Scott bug, were you? Flat bottomed, single screwed, rolling on damp grass, piggin' bitch of a home. Loved every minute if it myself as well. :)

    UK East Coast Survey - out to work Monday to Friday during the summer (as long as the boiler hadn't fallen over on Sunday nights). Weekends alongside the pier in exotic locations such as Dover, Brid, Grimsby. No NATO fleet competition for the local talent, no shore patrols to man, and no big ship governor to detail us off for crap jobs. Bosun was a complete gent and as it was his sole responsibility to witness 'Up Spirits', the lads enjoyed a one and one tot.

    Cafeteria Messing - anyone remember that? Each mess knocked up its own meals and took the makings to the galley with a written note to the duty cook to let him know what each dish was meant to be. Oh how we smiled when the anticipated Hungarian Goulash came back as Pot Mess.

    Did a stint at Pembroke IV myself back in '58. The first warship I worked on in the Andrew was in fact an American Army Landing Craft (ex Rhine Patrol) which I had a hand in destoring. That was my first introduction to real coffee, and I've yet to taste better.

    Was ship's company at Ganges twice in the sixties. I might even have kitted up some of you old gits from the Annexe Clothing Store.
  7. Listening to you Jack Dusty's reminds me of when I started with our local Cadet Unit, I ended up the Jack Dusty. OH THE SHAME OF IT!!!!! Still trying to live it down
  8. Sidon spoke thusly:

    Ooh.... another dusty. We'll have to make this into a closed forum so that we can discuss mattress counting in confidence.....

    Siders, mate, try not to feel too ashamed about ceing co-opted into Dustyism.

    I don't doubt your feeling not quite cut out for the job, especially if you were from a gunnery/tas background. I mean, the ability to read, write, count add, subtract, multiply and promptly answer questions from auditors all at the same time must come hard to someone who's only had to flex a finger or two occasionally. I'm sure you did the best you could with the job.

    No-one can ask more than that.

    Luv'n'kisses. xxxxxx
  9. Hi JD,

    Can't say I actully 'served' on the survey ships per se.

    A carrier, frigate and something called a new innovation (although the Japanese Imperial Navy had the same thing in 1942!) named 'Tiger' with a huge steel box on the back - a b****** in high weather.

    I did the ledgers and accounts etc, and the odd audit for the lazy boogers in DGIA.
    I was nuts and bolts until they combined the (S) & (V) guys together, and if you were in the clothing store in the Annex in 62 - thank god you never gave me those crappy deck slippers ! :)

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