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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by WAFU-DAN, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick one how do you branch change to the Phot world?

    Many thanks!
  2. Acquire a negative attitude and develope an interest in photography :oops:
  3. I take it that you are already serving?
    If that is the case, then WTF are you asking on an Unofficial site for?
    Has the Divisional Officer been done away with?
    Are you seriously telling me that there is no-one else to ask?
    Please tell me that it is me that is all fukced up.

    I thought that the Newbies were thick, is thickness spreading to the Fleet?
  4. Surely with digitial cameras he doesn't need to be negative or develop anything at all...... :D
  5. But Steve the RN likes to use Hasselblads and real film camera's
  6. :p Ooooo lovely! :) :) :) I should have thought Hassleblads would be a bit too delicate in the rough hands of the average matelot. Surely a metal Wista technical camera would be better - all metal and VERY robust (ie matelot proof!)
  7. Not any more. I understand that the Phot units closed up the wet film darkrooms about 2 years ago and are now wholly digital.
  8. Are they still at Tipner?
  9. tipner closed about 4 years ago. Training is now done at Cosford, Defence School of Photography.

    There are regional Phot units around.
  10. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Fleet Photographic Unit Pompey relocated from Tipner to Whale Island.

    Ship's Intelligence Photographer is a good course to do if you get the chance and very enjoyable and useful.

    I fully recommend it and you work Wafu hours (ie feck all) during the course which is a 5 day course. :D

    There is an RNTM about it for those who are interested. I can't remember it off the top of my head but if you do a search for it on the defence intranet, you will find it almost straightaway. I'll try and post a link when I'm back in work.
  11. How very mature of you. Yes clearly I'm thick... Just wanted a bit of advice off the record before going to my DO. Don't really want to go to him and have no idea on how to move forward.. Or maybe its because you are a Chock Head and can't think on your feet, that you believe all that the mob, including DOs tell you? Please.. don't let yourself down anymore than your branch already lets down the FAA. Chockheads - The Stewards of the FAA!
  12. Let myself down? You have no idea how to move forward? Tell me again who is fukcing thick here?
  13. In honesty no I don't! Not when it comes to branch changing. I haven't done it before! But seeing as you seem to know it all how about you tell me! Oh and no I'm not thick just unsure.... There was me thinking it was harmless to ask, but you have shown yourself up by using foul language and calling people thick who you don't even know!

  14. This from a man who has just derided a whole branch for being thick?
  15. :wink: " A Crab goes to Sea " by Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork 800 sqdn re chockheads :) :) on landing on the Eagle :D I have always considered the sight of a fully worked up deck party on a RN Carrier to be one of the most professional military operations that i have ever witnessed?? No let down of branch their shippers :oops:
  16. F*ck me WAFU-DAN, I thought the first thing you should have done was to approach your DO. He is in a position to point you in the right direction.

    The other thing, whats wrong with getting off your arse and contacting any phot section yourself and getting info from source. As a Wafu I would have thought a bit of initiative on your part before prostrating yourself on a public forum.

    As for slagging off other FAA trades. Grow up matey. Thats kindergarten stuff.
  17. Now now fellas, lets not be too harsh on the lad. He clearly has a very low IQ, absolutely nil knowledge of correct Naval procedure and has serious difficulty communicating and engaging with others. He's perfect for a branch change.

    To Reggie.
  18. I've a Killick Phot mate who's based at Culdrose currently. Not sure where you're based but if you're at Culdrose go see him. I'll PM you his name if you are at Culdrose.

    If not you really should have the noggin to go speak your DO who should know what is required to branch change. If you should be able to speak to someone in the PHOT world about it.

    I've never branched changed my self but I know Tarzan did often.
  19. I think that you should go to night school and get a professional Photogaphic qualification so as to demonstrate that you are in earnest.

  20. So where's earnest?

    North or south of Brumigum? :lol:

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