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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by littleshinydemon, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Very quick question, which I am sure will be met with a torrent of abuse from some :lol:

    Going to BRNC in Jan. and all I wanted to know was are there any phone providers to avoid signal wise in the south of England? I checked their 'coverage' maps, but would rather know from people who weren't actually trying to sell me a product!

    Also anyone else having problems getting to Totnes by 1630 on the 4th? Anyone know if there is a cheap hotel type thing down there (I haven't got round to googling it, so if you don't know and are just about to google it don't worry...)

    Awaiting sarky replies along the lines of 'you should be more concerned about passing your exams than your phone signal', however it would be a bit of a bugger if I renewed my contract with a provider that didn't work down there.

    Right, yeah well

    cheers everyone
  2. What ever happened to using Morse?
  3. I'm all for it, and carrier pigeon (unfortunately mine got shot by a disgruntled farmer), however one must strive to keep up with one's peers:)
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not too sure tbh, but in my experience Orange seems to have reasonable coverage in the South West - some networks are dire so it would be worth checking before renewing your contract...

    (Were it not for the fact you should be concentrating on ironing your shoes & polishing your shirts in preparation for arrival at BRNC & handing it to a servant-type person to do for you.)

    Best of luck :lol:
  5. my servant also got shot by the disgruntled farmer,

    but thanks, orange did at least say they had coverage down there, but who is to trust them eh! And I'll have you know I have been practising bulling my shoes for bloody ages!

    Cheers though
  6. Don't know how expensive they are, but there are a couple of B&B type hotels in Dartmouth itself which may be better than staying in Totnes.
  7. ah excellent, still need to check it out properly but its good to know there is somewhere at least:)
  8. I'm with Virginmobile and didn't have any snags with the signal while I was there.

    IIRC the joining pack says that a Bluetooth headset is a 'nice to have' so that you can spin dits on the phone leaving hands free to crack on with ironing or shoe bulling (or anything else requiring 2 hands!!)

    No point staying in Dartmouth because you have to get on the transport at Totnes station to be brought to the college by coach with everyone else.
  9. Orange, as mentioned by NS provide great coverage at BRNC.
  10. Dits, DITS... About what?? About Tarquin spilling earl grey down his chino's?? About Sebastien losing to Humphrey at backgammon??? Please, do me a favour.
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Orange must of improved. As a janner I was just about to say avoid orange like the plague but, seems they've got there shit together at last.

    Totnes is a hole, used to be the drug capital of the SW. If your not planning on getting to Totnes until 1630 stay in Exeter or Plymouth.

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