Phone Contract

I used mine all the time, no matter what country i was in, its nice to keep in touch, especially now vodafone has got rid off roaming charges
Save money!

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Lantern Swinger
the_matelot said:
Rookie-WWFC said:
Anyone know which would be the best one then?
Bloody hell, is this the Carphone Warehouse forum? :roll:
No, it's an unnofficial forum for people who wish to discuss the Royal Navy, I asked a question hoping that existing members of the RN would tell me an answer, I'll re-phrase the question though as I wish to add more detail.

In your experience which is it worth getting a phone contract or do you reckon a pay as you go would be better due to being out the country etc.

Which networks do you find have the best signal etc.

When your away how much do you get ripped off.

I'm currently on a one month rolling contract as I refuse to be tied in for 12 months and am wondering if I should get rid of it as I start Raleigh soon.
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