'Phoenix Squadron' - brilliant read


War Hero
Just finished it, and I really enjoyed it.

Goe's over life in the FAA in the 60's and 70's, life on board our last 'true' carrier, and what it was like to work within a real state of the art air group.

It's about the Marathon 2500mile mission by two Buccaneer's from the old Ark Royal as a show of force to prevent a Guatemalan invasion of what was then British Honduras (now Belize).

The last paragraph is particularly brilliant, as it speaks of how just as Maggie was told about the Falklands, she asked if Ark was still available. 'You never know what you've got, till it's gone'

Too right.


War Hero
In the review I read, it mentions the MAY that went low level to put the Phantom in the oggin, but screwed up big time, and put itself in the drink. Is this a true event, or a dit ? Us Sundodgers never heard about this one. Always avoided MAYs and its ilk like the plague if poss.


War Hero
:wink: :wink: 6 Buccaneers from 12 and 208 sqdn /Sky Pirates, flew from Lossiemouth to Muhrarrag air base in Bahrain, (in 2 s) in operation Granby. A 9hr flight in company with a Lockhead L-1011 8) 8) 8)
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