Interesting article in the TORYGRAPH on Friday about some weird and wonderful phobias, from an article in the NEW SCIENTIST.
ZEMMIPHOBIA - Fear of the Great Mole Rat.
ALEKTOROPHOBIA - Fear of chickens.
LUTRAPHOBIA - Fear of Otters.
PENTHERAPHOBIA - Fear of your Mother in Law (Think most of us have had this one).
PTERONOPHOBIA - Fear of being tickle with feathers.

Now the human mind is a weird thing, that contains all our hopes, fears, etc, but fear of the Great Mole Rat - must be a very localised phobia?
I used to suffer from CRUSHERPHOBIA in my youth - fear of being nicked by the Patrol for being in a confused state in various places around the globe. NORTHEATERPHOBIA - self-explanatory, usually a result of an attack of CRUSHERPHOBIA.
Anyone else admit to having a phobia ??
DHOBAPHOBIA - Fear of water that manifests by avoiding showering.
DHOBAPHOBIA BY PROXY - Fear of watching others use water for any purpose (common among Submarine Chief Tiffs)


War Hero
Seem to be quite a few people around me who have got over their workaphobia only to suffer from wontachieveanythingincaseitcostsmoneyaphobia
I'm a Thalassophobic (God knows why I'm joining the Navy!!) ... or well more like whats in them than the actual things themselves ... so more specifically I'd probably be a Selachophobic. Makes me feel sick thinking about it. Errr ...
A German psychiatrist believes that many of the millions who are off work sick may be more than just lazy. They may be suffering from Laborophobia: the fear of work.

I know many who suffer from this terrible disgusting disease. They all gather at the meeting house called SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS DEPARTMENT. If you suffer from Laborphobia pop along a warm welcome will be given to all. We also operate a free taxi service for those without transport.

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