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Phil Packer Doing the London Marathon!


I am sure this must have be posted previously but Just incase it has not. I will do so.

Just Thought i would make sure everyone is aware of this. It has been on the news/radio a fair bit over the last few days. But in case you missed it. I know there is a fair few people on here that have expressed their admiration or the armed forces and their support for Help for Heroes Charity.

Phil Packer

"From the original prognosis that I would never walk again, my injuries are improving to such an extent that I will be attempting to walk the 2009 Flora London Marathon. On Saturday 26th April, I will be joining 36,000 other competitors to complete the 26.2m circuit starting at Blackheath, South West London and finishing at St James’s Park on The Mall on Saturday 9th May. My attempt will take two weeks, walking the maximum I have been medically advised; just under two miles every day."

He is attempting to raise £1 million, please donate!


War Hero
Works OK for me too, now - didn't a few mins ago.

Am hoping to find Phil somewhere on his route early next week and walk along with him for a while.
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