Phase Two Training at HMS Sultan

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Navyparent, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi, son currently at Hms Raleigh and on passing out is scheduled to go to HMS Sultan as ET ME. Have a couple of questions regarding phase 2 training and hope some one can help.

    1. How much free time will he have at weekends? ie will he be able to come home etc if not on 'guard'.
    2. What sort of training will he under go at Sultan as an ME?
    3. Is there the same sort of intensity / bullsh1t in phase 2 training as there is in phase 1?

    When I did trade training in the army a long long time ago (Royal Artillery) it was intense but without the crap I tend to recall, but there again this is clouded by nostalgia and getting old :roll:
  2. Nice to see a "drop-short" taking a keen interest in their son.
  3. Hi,

    Phase 2 training at Sultan is a mix of academic and procatical skills required for doing his job as an ET (ME). He will normally work from 0800-1700 each day, he can expect to get most evening and about 3 out of 4 weekends off. There is still a level of military training to be undertaken alongside his engineering course.

    Yes the amount of Bullsh#t will deminish, but as you are aware there still needs to be a level of military discipline etc to help prepare him for life at sea. The training at Sultan is now mainly computer based and the students can work as a pace that is comfortable to them. However, they all need to get through the training eventually at the same time, so there can be times when they need to work under pressure to get the tasks completed. They will also get plenty of practical skills to prepare them for doing the job at sea.

    I hope this answers your questions. If you have any more please feel free to send me a message.


  4. Hello I've just finished at HMS Sultan. The answers to your questions are as follows.

    1. You get pretty much every weekend off apart from week1 when you have to do a walk.

    2. He will undertake a variety of modules ranging from basic systems, propultion, power and distribution, Health & safety, making circuit boards etc. He will have exams every week which needs 60% to pass but are all multiple choice.

    3. Navy being Navy there is still bullshit involved I.e got to make your bed every thursday for DO's rounds, make sure mess is clean, ball boots up every day, iron your uniform.

    Hope this helps.
  5. I know this is an old thread. But weekends off, does that count from Saturday Morning, or seeing as you may be getting the Friday night off, would it be from when you finish on the Friday?
  6. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Whenever you knock off friday.

    But it depends on your duties obviously.
  7. Thanks for the speedy reply. So assuming I don't have duties that night, or on the weekend, I should be able to head up to Cardiff to see the family and the Girlfriend on the Friday night. Should mean a bit more time up there every few weeks, with that extra few hours to travel
  8. Good. Thanks for letting us know. Our peaceful sleep is now sorted. Do keep us informed about your future movements though as so far this is the highlight of my weekend.
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  9. Not a problem, I always have quite good movements. If I have any issues with my movement, I normally just devour a pack of fig rolls, and that sorts everything out...
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  10. 2LI

    2LI Midshipman

    My son just arrived at HMS Sultan and was surprised at the lack of ironing boards, I think panic set in as he ran round to the naffi and found they were all sold out, I said never mind I am sure they got one in the guard room
    I hope he settles down as fast as he did at Raleigh
    we are looking forward to the next few months.
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  11. Ironing board.............Sheer luxury, use the mess table with a blanket on it, been done this way for so long that it must now qualify as a Naval Tradition:D
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  12. 2LI

    2LI Midshipman

    I agree
    Same with the Army, but we never had a blanket, only a tea towel.
  13. Just do what most matelots do, only iron the shirt collar and wear their wooley pulley

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  14. 2LI

    2LI Midshipman

    Cheers mate
    I will pass that one on to him, I am sure he will soon learn the drill.

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