Phase Two - Leave


witsend said:
Montigny-La-Palisse said:
fish21 said:

I recommend that in order to prepare for your future as an RN rating, you learn early to comply with orders given to you by your superiors. As a good rating, you will carry out that order, even if you don't agree with it. You may then question it afterwards.

As a Senior Rating, I order you to proceed directly to your local abbatoir, pick up the nearest captive bolt pistol and press it firmly against your forehead. Without hesitation, activate said pistol.
Do you understand the order?

Chief_tiff wins the brain (IQ). soleil scores the soul. Sterling steals the liver. Thingy (or who he's hiding under) bums the buttocks. Thomo grabs the lungs.

Fair cut, the rest is just sausage meat.

Cheers mate, might live a few more years now. 8)


Yep, spitting image. :wink:


War Hero
James Dinnen the Walting Hairdressing Fanny is no longer a barber.

My source's uncle stays on the same street as him, seem's his uncle knew a few people that go into the barbers (Still not 100% sure where it is though :? ). The uncle then directed customers to the facebook group whilst it was still up and running, and supposedly a torrent of abuse in the barbers followed suit. I can only imagine the face on him when Rum Ration was mentioned :lol: Shame none of us got to him though, would have been funnier!!

Doing a nice search to see if he has moved barbers or given it up all together :twisted:

More info to follow...

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