Phase Two - Leave

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by fish21, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Hi all just wondering if phase two training is more relaxed.. for example can you leave at weekends if your not on duty? or does anybody know what leave you do get? i'd be at HMS Collingwood!

    Cheers Fish
  2. Your leave would be granted depending on the requirements of the service of you. Doesn't matter where you are. You may get weekends, you may not.
  3. great answer cheers..

    anybody have any real knowledge?
  4. not an answer to said question though..
  5. Simple terms if the navy need you your not going home!
  6. thats not what i asked.. about the 'needs of the service'.. i simply asked if you get much free time?!!!!
  7. You actually asked about both, and seeing as your thread is titled ' Phase Two - Leave ' I would have thought the most important question you would have wanted to know would be about leave. :roll:
  8. see, there's the problem. Free time is different to leave. You will be allowed leave at the weekends provided that you are not required for work or mentioned earlier in this thread...
  9. Real knowledge? So the fact I'm currently in the RN and have a few grains of salt on my shoulders doesn't count?

    I don't admit to be a fountain of knowledge but I do know about getting leave and not getting leave.
  10. I'm putting the brass roller rule down and walking away Jim. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here.
  11. Nearly!!!! 8O
  12. You should definitely leave before Phase Two, yes.
  13. Fark me, is this throbber related to Chico by any chance.

    Agree with Jonno - LEAVE NOW.
  14. Have you actually joined yet??
  15. Normal routine is for you to asphyxiate yourself with your own lower intestine, which you had previously wound out with a stick through a self inflicted ice cream scoop wound to the abdomen. The sooner you get that done whilst doing the world a service and smothering the rest of your family with bowel syrup soiled gruds the better.
  16. twats
  17. [​IMG]

    I believe these belong to you....

    Seriously though, what do you expect when you ask for advice and dismiss any that's given to you?
  18. Fcuk off you cum guzzling rent boy.
  19. 3 and a half years ago you got a sat/sun duty every 6 weeks, with fri duty the week before that.
    You coudnt leave for the first 3 weeks. And a few others when your mess get in the shit.
    As said needs of the service though. Nobody can say you will be free on the second week of Nov 2011.
    Bit of advice loose the attitude or dont bother coming on here.
  20. Bugger, I best reschedule that hairdressers appointment

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