Phase two at HMS Sultan

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by 2LI, Dec 10, 2014.

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  1. 2LI

    2LI Midshipman

    New to the forum and the Navy
    My son passed out at Raleigh last week and now at HMS Sultan doing his E.T.M.E., course
    what can he expect as a new recruit in phase two training, he was ok at Raleigh but did get him down a bit but he plodded on and made us proud when we went to his pass-out-parade
    the Royal Navy seems a good out-fit and that's coming from an old foot slogger (infantry)
  2. Welcome, my son has 5 weeks left on the course and is loving it. Yours can if he is that way inclined expect to spend a lot of time buying designer clothes in gunwhalf, partying the night away at Emma's if he is really unlucky or liquid and tiger tiger if he is feeling flush. They get most weekends free other than the first week when it's a walk. They have duty watches when they stay on base and patrol. They have the option to take up many sports, my son had trials for the under 23's and ended up playing in the Navy Cup. They still have the washing, ironing and polishing to do and rounds on a Thursday. The course it's self has recently been extended to 30 weeks a lot more hamds on training to greater lengths. And that's only what I've been told .....I'm sure their is plenty more I don't know about
  3. 2LI

    2LI Midshipman

    Jay Jay
    I don't know about designer clothes, it seems an ironing board is his priority at the moment, as for sports he is looking forward to that.
    5 weeks left well done to him, just look forward to when our lad as the same, don't wish to tempt faith, so will take every day as it comes.
  4. We had a rough ride to start and I know exactly what you mean. The hard part will be coming home for Christmas and not wanting to go back. I never had a complaint of lack of ironing boards but a sheet and a table works just as well. I'm sure once he gets used to more freedom and finds his feet he will start to enjoy life. Good luck and you will get lots of support on here
  5. 2LI

    2LI Midshipman

    Jay Jay
    Cheers for the advise the support is what we need, I think I am worrying more than the wife, silly I know you just have to let them get on with it, after all he is with a good bunch of lads.

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