Phase two accommodation?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by the_robmeister, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. Currently in phase one, but was interested in knowing what the accommodation in phase 2 is like if anyone knows?
  2. Depends where you're going! If ceres is the same as a few years back then it's not much different to phase 1.
    Not sure about other bases tho, let us know where and someone'll help.
  3. thanks for the reply MrsElvis. I will be going to Collingwood. Also interested in what it will be like once training is complete. Was just looking at the RAF website and it says they get an ensuite room and can have a computer, landline telephone and Sky :eek:mfg:
  4. YOU WHAT?ENsuite with internet etc?FFS whats the world coming to!
  5. Drakes new accommodation block is ensuit for junior rates i very much doubt that collingwood would be as the sheer volumes would probably not allow it
  6. Some guys are going to get a shock when they discover the 39-man mess in a T23!
  7. Not at this particular RAF base! I believe it's 4 or 2 man rooms in the JRs accom near the scran hall at Collingwood, can't quite remember. But thats for poofs, get yourself down 3Q on a stumpy 42 and like it, it's the way ahead.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Spot on.

    As discussed elsewhere, in Raleigh they have the same locker space as fitted on a T45. It gets rather interesting if their first sea draft isn't a T45 destroyer.
  9. At Collingwood each "cabin" consists of a 6-man mess, 2 single cabins, heads (2 bogs, 2 sinks, a shower and a bath), a kitchen and a drying room.

    You get about 4 times as much wardrobe space than at Raleigh - take advantage of it because as has been said you'll get bugger-all once at sea!
  10. Not strictly true there is a new building with just 6 man rooms and shed loads and i mean shed load of space. Its 3 floors and the top floor is a whore hosue. sorry i mean WREN accomadation. but on a sat nite you would be mistaken
  11. Yeah - Lowe block, done midnight rounds there a few times and you hear people scuttering away/closing doors etc. as we get to the top floor. :p

    I'm glad I'm not living there though, rounds standards seem to be much higher (because it's a new building) and they get loads of mess/locker-checks apparently. Whenever I'm in the office I always see Lowe rescrubs on the whiteboard.
  12. ONLY 39 !!!!!....60 Stokers down 3Q on GMD's, same number of Greenies down 3P :thumright:
  13. Yeah, when i was in Collingwood i started off in Bryson Hall. Then eventually moved to Lowe block. With the top floor being wrens territory like you said. Eventhough everyone knew the code to get up into the top floor.

    In my opinion Lowe block was alot nicer due to the locker space and bed size (alot wider). Yeah, the rounds standards were a bit harder as you could actually see things getting cleaner, unlike Bryson.

    I suppose it helps that they supply a Washing machine/Dryer but with most things this may be a privilege but it was a bugger to clean.

    Anyway, enjoy your time at Collingwood, i thought it was pretty good. The sooner you get to sea the better!


  14. Forgive me but on real stumpy (batch 1) 42's, Brum, Cardiff, Cov, Glasgow etc (all gone now kids), the aft stokers mess was 3P. 3Q is on them stretchy types with so much more room they had a whole 'nother compartment, is it not? Ah well, 60 stokers, some WE spillover and then they add the flight. Still, theres always someone to go for a pint with...

    Back on topic, for the OP, you will generally find most phase 2/3 accom of the four man mess variety these days, used to be 20 to 30 man for phase 2 (Collingwood had some big classes), four man messing was seen as a privilege for AB/Killicks, but I think now its moved to single accom in most training bases, as they have the option to go RA. If you're going to be at Collingwood for a while I highly recommend living ashore, unless you're a weekender.
  15. Tut, tut ships Cat.

    Glasgow Greenies Mess (proper) with ME makee learnees and ships flight, all 54 of us, was 3P.
  16. 21s had good concept of messdecks you had a mess square with little four man cabins leading of them,
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    On the Brum in the late 80s, Comms were in 3Q - I can remember helping empty the beer fridge one Navy Days so sadly can't remember which other branches shared 3Q!
  18. Depends where you're going!

    Collingwood is ok and from what ive heard they allow you to use duvets there now!
  19. Glasgow, mid 80's, 3Q was Dabbers. Stokers were 3N and comms were 2? , just aft of the Seadart intermediate position. Very noisy mess when the system was flashed up.

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