Phase one medical discharge

Hi all,
Some of you are aware of the situation with my son, and have been so helpful.
But I come with another query.

So after the anxiety attacks, he’s been discharged by the medics at the end of week 2 :(
He has a sealed letter for his GP and he said they told him he can reapply after 12 months
(This time for GS)

Gutted is an understatement, but naturally would love to see him go back. As he said it was the whole subs that was getting him in a state (I’m still in two minds as to whether I believe him)
I’m worried that gp contact will go against a re entry. Is he best hold off any gp treatment? (apart from handing the letter in) as, if what he said is truth, then there shouldn’t be anxiety issues if he’s not there now for SM :/

*clutching at straws*

Thanks for reading


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Hi @CharlieRaven, sorry to hear of the circumstances. There were clearly significant issues to cause a medical discharge but logically a medical referral to a GP is an indication that the condition may still need to be resolved or at least monitored.

What you may not know is the difference between what actually happened and what he is telling you. Even parents don't have an automatic right to access their medical records. Bear in mind also the condition may not be visibly apparent.

The main issue is the wellbeing of the individual and as stated, if he just wanted to leave, he had the right to opt out up to week 26 without issue.

Once he gets himself sorted and is fully recovered and discharged from follow-up medical treatment or monitoring, he can apply to rejoin after 12 months have elapsed - assuming there are no further related mental health episodes in the interim.

Suitability for re-entry is a medical issue upon re-applying, so not a straight forward adminstrative process. He'll need to demonstrate full recovery through his GP medical records and depending on the issues leading up to his medical discharge. Whilst he may technically re-apply from an admin perspective, there maybe longer time caveats applied from a medical perspective.

JSP 950, Section 4, Annex L refers to medical suitability for entry or re-entry.

Best of luck to him.

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