Discussion in 'RMR' started by TurboThreaders, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. wondering if anyone could give me an insight into the RMR Phase one course down at CTC? any hints for usefull gear or any sneaky bits of info would be much appreciated.

    cheers fellers.
  2. It may be liable to change, but last year if I remember correctly, included the following -

    Baptist run run through the 1st week, basically a practice / revision ex covering what you'll be tested on the actual test ex.
    Battle physical training on the bottom field - assault course intro / timed runs plus some good thrashings.
    Endurance course aquaint.
    First aid.
    Weapon handling tests.
    3 or 4 days on the ranges.
    Revision lectures on camp.

    Nothing to worry about at all, it's just a case of applying what you have been taught so far and being switched on.

    I'm sure you'll have an excellent 2 weeks, the Reserves forces training team are cracking blokes ( most of the time :lol: ).

    Take a paddlock with a code lock to save you loosing your key.
    If you have been issued 3 set of CS95 take all 3 sets, sounds obvious but our kit list said 2 sets and the spare set will certainly come in handy.
    You can get most items at the Spar if you forget / run out of anything.

    Enjoy your holiday !!! :lol:
  3. Take it all on the chin and smile inside. Take all insults as compliments. I had zillions of compliments throw this way. And you are not on a taxpayers holiday no matter what others say[RM and RMR.

    Can it have changed in the last thirty years?? I doubt it!!
  4. sounds like im goin to have a ball. cheers guys. also, can you tell me how many days and nights are spent in the field? ta.
  5. As far as I can remember -

    Both the run through and Baptist run were 2 nights in the field.
  6. Last year it was just 2 nights you did in the field. The first was the baptist run practice. For this just take in whatever the instructors tell you especially on the Kit Inspection and for the baptist run real make sure you have done everything they said.
    They are both easy little field exs without anything really to worry about just make sure you are very pussers and don't cut any corners as they have all been tried before and you will get caught as one of my oppos discovered when he thought he could get away with wearing nothing under his trousers and jacket for the obligatory swim in the pond and got found out. Was rewarded with one soaking bergen for the yomp back to camp.

    Enjoy it!

    I will be down here if it is the upcoming course your coming down on and may pop into the grots to see the jock lads, if your have any questions come and ask me
  7. Greetings, this is my first post and I'm going to launch right into things.

    So underwear is a must at all times in the field?

    Halford: are you attending the upcoming phase 1 course? If so I shall see you there? :lol:
  8. nice one. i am indeed. check your pms RGB.

  9. Halford, when is your phase one course?

    hows training treating you?
  10. training is treating me like the nod scum that i am lol.

    no, its going really well ta. i was just checking RR on my way out the door to lympstonia for the course.

    wish me luck, ill tell you how it goes when i get back. which hopefully will be in 2 weeks, not 24 hours when i get RTU'd for failing the BFT!!

  11. Good luck kid, did mine about this time 16 years

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