Phase one and Phase two?

Don't suppose ringing your local recruiting office in the morning would help!!!!!

Just a thought! Them having the info to hand and all that!!
What do you think a forums for Waspie?
Lets see, this is an UNOFFICIAL forum with loads of opinions. I have an opinion. If it makes you happy 'll answer your question - but it won't be correct!!!

Thats what the recruiting offices are for. We do have a couple of recruiters on here but I betcha they like to have some banter and not blather on in a continuance of their daily work!!!!
What do you think a forums for Waspie?
Normally for finding information that cannot be easily found elsewhere.
Waspies advice was sound as your local recruiting office will always give you the latest truthful information.
On the other hand forum information may be misleading

However I will try to answer your question.
The length of times between phase one and phase two depends on many and varied parameters.
1.How long is the piece of string?.
2.Did you piss off your phase one instructors?
3.Is there a leave period in between?
4.Did you pass phase one?
5.Do you know the answer to the Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything?
6.Are you competent at Mathematics or just hard sums.

Plus many other things which your local recruiter can help you with;-P
First time round the gap for me was two days - Saturday and Sunday.

Second time it was three weeks due to Xmas block leave.

In summary, it depends....

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Generally, unless the end of Initial Naval Training coincides with a main leave period (Xmas, Summer or Easter), you're looking at a weekend off before starting phase two ET(ME) training. We don't do gap years, but if you are delayed completing the first bit through injury or suchlike, and there isn't an available ET(ME) course starting straight away, you may have a few weeks holdover. In my experience, that could mean a loan to your local AFCO inbetween courses - BUT it is very rare.

Play nice please chaps-
Going to climb inside my box and avoid all future stupidity from now on.

To think this lot are the RN's potential future!!!!!!!

I can foresee a lot of long waits and left handed hammers in the future!!


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Sorry Ninja
However Waspie did give him excellent advice for which he recieved a smart arse reply.
Apologies are really not necessary, no point beating yourself up about it. I've done the same myself.

To be fair to all parties, the OP has made just four posts & the sub-forum is called "Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting". I appreciate pointing this out may appear smart-arsed etc., but he/she does have a point in that regard & equally may not actually know the due reverence and respect that should be afforded other anonymous thread contributors based on age, duration of former service and post count. For all he knows he could be conversing with a complete ******** (Like me :D).

Similarly, every single post I make does suggest exactly what Waspie stated in the signature block and yes, the forum is unofficial - because the people that run the official RN website can't be arsed running an official forum for definitive advice,

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