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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by roberts09, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. I know you are not allowed to take your car down to hms raliegh, but are you allowed to take your car down to phase 2?
  2. yes you are, though at many establishments it'll end being parked a MILLION miles from your accommodation, and you'll still be marching to work in the mornings.
  3. so if your car looks too nice, there is a chance of coming back to it and finding it up on bricks lol 8O
  4. This is Cornwall only if it has tractor tyres! :D
  5. Hang on even I know HMS Raliegh isnt in Liverpool
  6. phase 2 isnt at raliegh, car should be ok were am going , hampshire isnt bad is it.
  7. I know it might seem a bit alien to some posters but would you start spelling it 'RALEIGH' please? It is not entirely coincidental that this is also the name of an illustrious figure in our naval history (link).
  8. If you are going to Collingwood then you will be able to park your car at the establishment with no problems at all.

    You will need to obtain a car pass (obviously) and your car will not be parked too far from your accommodation. You WILL be marching to course each and every day though. Also, when applying for a car pass you will need to have a valid insurance and MOT certifcate, or NO pass will be issued.
  9. Id wondered about this, I could take my car to HMS Sultan, but dont we get free travel on trains/buses anyway?
    failing that, how secure can a motorbike be kept?
  10. No you don't. You get four free rail warrants a year which may be converted to a mileage allowance for your car.
  11. And don't forget to capitalise the first letter, as it is a proper noun.
  12. i work for a bus company at the moment, we give free travel to police and anyone in the armed forces (and now traffic wardens for some weird reason) im assuming that other companies do the same?
  13. Do you work for arriva dave?
  14. As secure as any other vehicle parked up in an Pussers establishment Dave. There are many people who leave their motorbikes at Collingwood and never had any problems.

    No harm in using a chain and lock though, just to be on the safe side.

    Sultan also has the RNMCC (Royal Naval Motorcycle Club) on site, near the rugby club and astroturf.
  15. As I say, you assume wrong. There clearly are some companies that may 'unilaterally' give such concessions, though it's a new one on me.

    There is certainly no official agreement with MOD that this is done.
  16. i do, for 10 more days :D

  17. sorry to hijack this thread, but can you use raill warrants online? or do you have to go to the station to buy the ticket?
  18. swop the warrent for a ticket at the departuring railway station
  19. Quite a few units issue rail tickets rather than warrants these days. Certainly Raleigh and, I believe, Collingwood do.

    I can't see any way you could use a warrant online to be honest and I doubt the technology will be introduced as the 'way ahead' is ticket issue rather than warrant.
  20. right ok so u cant use the warrant to pay for a ticket online,
    ok ill make a trip to paddington sometime then 8)

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