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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dave2965, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. hey just another question. when i get to my phase 2 training in sultan is it dormitories we sleep in as at raleigh or just shared rooms? Is this similar to the accommodation while working in a shore establishment after training? thanks.
  2. Who ferkin cares? Why are you even asking this question?
  3. Because when you go for something like the RN its nice to know what your going to land on and to be prepared. Like would you go on an operation without a single briefing or intel? Its nice to know what we are letting ourselfs in for.
  4. You'll get a bed....somewhere!!!
  5. I can sleep on the floor (depends how many pints i have had) Im just defending a fellow newbie
  6. Floor!! I can remember many a night on the shower room floor with the shower running and being on parade ten minutes before time like a true bootie, Yes my love I am coming now! Have you put sugar in the Horlicks!

    Such happy times long ago!!!
  7. First it was single hammocks... with blankets... in a crowded messdeck with canon, cordite and furry things scurrying below...

    Then it was single beds... with blankets... in a crowded messdeck and furry things scurrying below...

    Then it was single beds... with sleeping bags... in a crowded messdeck and furry things scurrying below...

    Then it was single beds with, er, duvets... in a less crowded messdeck with matelots scurrying below...

    Soon it will be double beds (to aid the future supply of matelots) with duvets... in single cabins with room service and bed hopping with the female sailorettes... to increase the dwindling number of nozzers...

    In the meantime... TOUGH! :twisted:
  8. Its even harder life in the Royal Marines in artic training they share sleeping bags with each other . As shared bodily warmth keeps you alive out in the cold.
    Could be used in this modern age as a recuiting gimmick or am I reading a subtext as to what people expect the bedding arrangements to be in Royal naval establishments now.
  9. FFS! Listen to yourself! We're talking about somebody asking what the beds will be like in Phase 2 training! Do you or he sound like men trying to join the ARMED FORCES? Do you feck. Stop being so bloody needy. Have the balls to take a leap in the dark about what your fecking bed will be like. The more information we seem to give you guys the more you seem to want to keep hold of our hands for fear of something worse. If size of bags, soap on a rope, ipods, beds, dorms, etc are challenging issues for you, perhaps you should consider whether you're cut out to join up.

    Going on to compare 2965s post with gathering int on operations just makes me want to go out and fecking kill someone.

    Rant over.
  10. Good one though, and entirely justifiable.
  11. Being prepared is always a good plan within all aspects of soldiering. But think for a second what this guy is asking "What are the beds like" FFS what kind of bone question is that?? Soldiering is about adapting yourself to the situation in hand and not wanting to quit because your up to your knees in a water filled slit trench as i'm sure Harry was 25 years ago.

    I despair sometimes with the sheer levels of bone stupid questions that are asked to a point where i actually binned this site as Nutty_bag. And before you all say why did you come back, it was because an oppo on here needed help and i couldn't lend my support under my old user name because it was suspended.
  12. Spot on :thumright:
  13. It's a simple question about a bed, all you have to say is either:



    "Shared Rooms"
  14. Yes exactly mate "simple" Whats the issue if it's one or the other??
  15. Does it really matter- once your out of pt 2 training, you will spend the majority of your time on a ship, so its a pit the size of a coffin with a couple of feet above you- unless your lucky enough to bag a top pit( :thumright: )!!

    And then , class dependant, you will share with anything from 18 bods, to 40!!

    Unless you get Clyde, Echo or the like!!


    want a cabin- jon the RFA or P&O!!!!
  16. your not going to get your own room in phase 2 its that simple.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    So, doesn't everyone get issued a quilt with a action man quilt cover anymore?

    And is it still one hoover between 2 single man rooms or do they get one each now?

    Does the duty junior still wake people up with a cup of tea if you pre-book him the night before?

    Standards must be slipping.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Cracking thread, I see that Harry is still bottling things up. :thumright:
  19. Unless like me i shal not spend most my time on a ship i shal spend it on a base ;) MON THE ATCO.

    The young lad is just wondering what beds it is we get, if you get annoyed at the question do not write that your annoyed as its pathetic.

    Secondly, as most on here don't realise the new generation of Navy, Army and RAF officers ARE an age of ipods, laptops etc. Its items like these that make todays troops learn the new sophisticated machinary and radar equipment that the Navy has a lot faster.
  20. There are a phenomenal number of peurile questions asked which demonstrate that many of the potential candidates really aren't thinking for themselves.

    Now there's a completely unverified matter of opinion that many would question.

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