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No one really mentions much about phase 2 so it's hard finding stuff out. My son wants to come home for the weekend after passing out of phase 1. Which is great after we're all going down there to see him! At what point do you find out where you will be based for 2, what do you do with all your kit if you do go home and would you be collected again from a train station like previously?
All depends on his branch, and when the next course starts.
There are greater experts on this than I, and doubtless one of them will be along shortly......
Then he will stay at Raleigh as that's where the Seamanship School is.
But I believe he will get the weekend off, then move to the Phase Two accommodation.

Does that help in the short-term?
My son came home for for the weekend after phase 1, then I took him to Sultan to complete phase 2. From what I remember they had organised transport from Raleigh to Sultan for all those staying down or they made their own way to phase 2. A couple of the lads who lived a distance away had a mini break with family and stayed in towns in the south coast for the couple of days. His trade will determine where his next stage of training will be completed.

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Once you’ve completed your basic training, you will spend the next 10 months training for your job as a Seaman Specialist. Through a series of courses at HMS Raleigh and HMS Collingwood, you will develop the skills and techniques required to re-supply, anchor and berth Royal Navy ships, learn to operate our tactical close range communications systems and short-range weapons, and other vital safety procedures such as firefighting. You will then be ready to gain practical experience at sea.

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