phase 2 weekends

im sure this question has been asked before but after searching I cant seem to find an answer.

I know in phase 2 u get weekends off, but are they set weekends?

i was planning on going home on the first weekend after moving to phase 2 in a few weeks time, will that be possible or do u have to stay on base for the first few weeks?

will be gutted if I can't get back that weekend!

Unless you're duty, I can't see why not? If you are going to Collingrad, I would suggest you would be duty! On my only ever trip there (Slops when at Daedalus) they had a duty watch that big they could man one if the new carriers

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Thanks for the reply does that count for weeks 1 and 2 tho?
Sorry I was taking the mick!

Not sure, it was a long time ago I went there, are you off to Collingrad? I'm sure some young WE type will be along soon with the definitive answer

Being a woo it was not a place I went to a lot. I'll let you into a little secret, but woos got paid double time for duties and it was classed as working unsociable hours

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no you cant, unless you live less than an hour away it would be impractical. As you only get night leave and have to be back for 9am both saturday and sunday.
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