Phase 2 to Phase 1


Slight clickbait but hear me out.

I’m just looking for some information and experience on what it’s like having completed phase 1 and having to re do it after leaving.

Short back story, I’m a failed diver who left CW in 2017 and really wanted a branch change but “needs of the service and all that”.

Anyway I reapplied on the Friday after leaving CW on the Thursday. My CO at the time had spoken to the WO of my AFCO if I remember, to allow me to reapply almost ASAP. Even though I did straight away I didn’t have a fix abode to come back to, so I spent few months sorting that out etc. Anyway everything’s gravy now, but I missed the window for avoiding phase 1 again (2 years I think)

Im going back in as a CT which I’m beyond excited about, and originally was REALLY bummed out about the fact I would have to redo Raleigh. But I’m actually dead excited for it now. Mainly because I’ll finally get on to the CT course.

just wondering if anyone has had experience of passing out phase 1, not meeting the grade for phase 2 and then having to re apply and do phase 1 again? What were your experiences like?

what should I excpet etc, now knowing what’s coming? I know Covid has changed Raleigh a fair bit (I join soon) I’m just wondering how realistic is it going to be to remain the grey man. My divisonal Instructor in phase 1 didn’t even know who I was till week 8. However I don’t think I would be able to achieve that level again.


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