phase 2 sultan

My son has joined up as an AET and currently at Raleigh doing his basic training.

His hope is to train on fixed wing in preperation for the new aircraft coming into service and hopefully the new carriers.

They recently had a visit from an AET who informed him that there is no fixed wing input at Sultan and all they work on is helicopters , plus chances of getting fixed wing are very slim.

Does any one know if this is the case or can offer some advice on what happens at Sultan for anybody wishing to go the fixed wing route.
As their are only a very few Harriers remaining in the FAA . With some 200 ground crew, the chances of working on Fixed wing is limited, he will have a very long wait for the new A/C and Carriers!!!! So my best advice would be rotary wing, in the mean time. ps Still try like mad to go fixed wing, the squadron comradery is something else. Somebody from Sultan will come along to help you.
My career started on rotary, moved onto fixed wing with Canberras, then the mighty Shar and ended up on the not so mighty Har (GR's). There is chance to move about.
There again, once he pops into Helston, meets a local, falls in love, you will be popping down to Cornwall for your hols forever!!!!
They will take a percentage from each entry up to HMS "Crabfat", so he might get lucky.
from reading previous related posts , they state that it used to be aprox 15% of each class at Sultan get selected for fixed wing.

Is this still the case ?

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