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Well, I didn't see the comments that way so that was your interpretation.

But in these exceptional times, leaving guaranteed employment for maybes may not be the wisest move, especially as the furlough scheme ends next month.

But if you are seriously unhappy and cannot see ever being happy, better to leave - for the sake of your future oppos if not yourself.


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If pay is your only motivator, then a career in the Forces is NOT for you.

As already explained, the bottom line is not just the salary / day rate but the other advantages that being in provides you - some you may never take advantage of, fair enough, but there are others. This needs to be weighted up by the alternatives outside. You must look beyond the headlines. You could leave, go somewhere that seemed to have a higher wage and then find yourself worse off. Or it may turn out exactly as you expected - you get more per month than before including after all the normal deductions. But you won't be a matelot any more.

Why are you so fixated with pay?


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Because if we didn't pay our staff we wouldn't have a business!?!?
That could be perceived as bribery.
Retention comes in many forms. Financial recompense is one. For most servicemen, it was/is job satisfaction!!!
Which begs a question for your profession!!! If you have to pay them more for them to stay, then the job satisfaction is obviously missing!!!
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Precisely my point.

The Forces used to have such people - they were called mercenaries, and the problem with them was that their loyalty was negotiable. And when the technology of the weaponry improved, the need for such people was reduced and even downright risky, especially if you could be facing them in the future and they knew exactly how your kit worked.

People who only chase the pound are not reliable, conscientious, adaptable, innovative or even hard working. They just cost more.


Don’t get me wrong. I respect the forces and those that choose it as a job. But I am against effectively any psychological bullying tactics to get people to not leave during training.


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Don’t get me wrong. I respect the forces and those that choose it as a job. But I am against effectively any psychological bullying tactics to get people to not leave during training.
Not bullying, realty check. Most come from home, where life was easy, with parents thinking and doing for them. They have a massive culture shock, where they can only rely on themselves or their new found Oppos. At this some look back and think that is what they want, so quit, but once back home they regret, so all I am saying way up the pros and cons of RN over Civy?
The re enlist can take 2_3years?


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Don’t get me wrong. I respect the forces and those that choose it as a job. But I am against effectively any psychological bullying tactics to get people to not leave during training.
I thought todays generation were way too clever to be psychologically bullied into anything.
If anything, after 20 + years at an Army training camp (As a civilian). I would say the trainee's have more say than the instructors!!
All training staff will do is point out what is being offered with the hindsight of seeing recruits who have left then re-join after realising their mistake in leaving!!
I removed myself from a course when I was in the RN. Yes, training staff did try and convince me my decision was a bad one based on my feelings at the time. I then went on to one regret my decision and did in fact end up returning to complete the training. Going on to bigger and better things. Not just for money either, which seems to be the driving factor outside the Armed Forces.


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You are very mistaken if you think the forces try and bully people to stay in, if they are hell bent on leaving.

There is a saying - one volunteer is better than ten pressed men.


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As an add on. The Forces will, at training stage have invested a quantifiable amount of money on a recruit. Like any business, they would like to see a return on their investment. Normally equates to a defined length of service. (Number of years). However, as in the civilian world, if that investment is proving to be bad, ie, incompatible, not working out - whatever. Then it is time to terminate the contract. But not until an attempt has been made to see what the problem is and can it be resolved. Hardly psychological bullying.
If you have a bad worker - I dare say private companies will simply say collect your P45. No attempt at trying to find out what lies behind any the reasons for 'bad work'.
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