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Hi does anyone know the process for PVR at phase 2 as I’m in Collingwood at the minute and want to leave after thinking for it for a long time. I’m 17 and 6 months old so I’m got another 6 months to decide until I can’t leave but I’ve made my decision now. Do I need to email my DO then put it on jpa or do I need to go see him?


War Hero

I am truly sorry to hear that you are gong to leave the RN after such a short time. If it's really not for you, then so be it. However, let me give you a word or warning from the outside world please.

You will be aware that the world is somewhat broken at the moment. The Chancellor has been running a very generous furlough scheme since April. In essence millions of workers have been paid substantial sums of money to stay at home, to not work, to watch television and to wave at each other on Zoom, The scheme is now coming to an end. Employers, now burdened with workers that they cannot pay, nor afford to be charitable to, are about to drop those workers onto the employment market.

This is not the normal little rise we anticipate each year at this time, as children leave school and university. No, it's going to be a rise not seen since Thatcher injected capitalism into former state industries. 2008/9 is going to look like child's play in comparison. BA pilots, senior and middle mangers, school leavers and blue collar workers alike are about to be competing for the few jobs available. You are about to join them. What are you going to bring to the interview against these experienced people?

"I tried the Navy, and couldn't be bothered" is not going to recruit you above Mr or Mrs Smith with ten years in the real world. But don't worry about that, obvs. Trot along and see your DO on Monday morning; he/she can then start your transfer to the dole ques. Oh, but do remember that you have made yourself redundant, so you can't claim anything for four months.

Adapt, and overcome.


War Hero
If I could give ‘branch hopper likes or more winners, I would....
But to the OP, stop being such a fanny and have a hug with your D.O.


Lantern Swinger
Book Reviewer
Try the real navy. What you get is far removed from the standard training establishment bullshit at Collingwood.


War Hero
Just bang your chit in if you don’t want to be there. You’ll only bring the rest of your class down by dripping and whining.
Mummy may even come to collect you.. Who knows??


Lantern Swinger
Book Reviewer
And after 6 months you will be back on here asking how to rejoin as you made a mistake.
Use the time to save some money, travel for a bit, gain a trade and then if you must go and walk someone else's dog.
At least with a trade and experience you have something to fall back on.

If you were to be walking my dog I would expect you to be fully insured, be able to collect him in a business insured vehicle and have animal first aid skills.

Or I could just walk him myself and enjoy some time out with the dog.


War Hero
I have a total lack of sympathy. You are obviously going to be one of life's drifters, with all the rest of us paying for your pitiful existence.

If you can't hack Phase 1 and a wee bit of Phase 2, then you are a loser.

Harsh but true.
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