Phase 2 Pay?

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Snowman91, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. I know how much I'm going to be paid after all deductions during Raleigh but I couldn't find anything about phase two pay on here. Is phase two pay different/greater than phase one day? If so how much can a WS look to take home each month roughly during phase two?
  2. It won't matter you will spend it all in millionaires weekend and the Collingwood bop.
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  3. I went to a couple of bops at uni...never again....
    My wife and child shall probably get the majority of it, won't get a chance to splash out on a millionaire's weekend :( Not that I'm complaining, got that out of my system at uni when loan day came around! Now I'm just a boring adult working out budgets during training phases, oh how times have changed.
  4. Unless things have recently changed your pay goes up after six months rather than stage of training Snowman. Not sure by how much but think it's at least 'noticeable' rather than very substantial. If you can get a copy of the pay rates it will be the level two rate. Think I'm at least close :/
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  5. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    In phase 2 you will get about £1000 each month after deductions up until the 6 month point (when your PVR date expires) where you will be getting about £1200.
  6. In phase two you won't have deductions for food.
    HMS Collingwood is Pay as you dine/starve. If you go to every meal it costs the same as what it would at Raleigh you are just expected to be able to manage your money to feed yourself. In reality it means the galley isn't funded as substantially as it should be and you may be a few quid better off but the food is of a much lower quality than non pay as you dine units.
    Its a shame as the food at Collingwood was brilliant before PAYD.
  7. Most PAYD establishments were better before they were contracted out and converted to PAYD.

    I'll go further and actually say that this was because the food was prepared by content Naval chefs and not some pissed off civvy who despises us.
  8. I dont think there were many Naval chefs left before the switch over to PAYD, the same mongs that worked in Collingwood galley pre PAYD still work there now.

  9. they were civvys when they changed over and they all ****ing hated the PAYD, the food turned shit litterally overnight
  10. Good stuff thanks guys. Another question then, would there be enough room to store a mini fridge for milk and other small bits and pieces if one was so inclined to buy one?
  11. You will piss it all up the wall on beers and stripper haha

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